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How To Find Saved Posts On Reddit Step By Step Guide

how to find saved posts on Reddit

Are you a new Reddit user? If you just joined this popular social media platform, then there are plenty of things available for you to discover. But, unfortunately, using Reddit is not as easy as you think; you have to learn a lot of different things to use the platform easily. 

It is used by billions of people worldwide to discuss different topics. So, you need to make sure you know every detail and function to use it very well without any issues. For example, one of the most common questions that most beginners ask when using Reddit is “How to find saved posts on Reddit.” 

Reddit is a place where plenty of topics are discussed every day, and many people save some topics to read later. However, if you do not know how to find the saved posts, you will not save any. As a result, if you do not have much time to complete reading the post, you have to simply leave it instead of saving it for later. 

Don’t worry; we are here with the step-to-step guide that will help you to use this feature. 

How To Find Saved Posts On Reddit 

How To Find Saved Posts On Reddit 

As mentioned above, the save post feature is very useful and allows users to keep their favorite posts saved. Apart from that, if someone does not have enough time to read the whole post, they can use this feature to save it for later. But you need to know how to find your saved posts on Reddit to use this feature. So, here is the step-by-step process that will help you to know how to find it easily. This is one of the things that you need to know along with how to delete Reddit account on app.

How To Find Saved Post On Reddit Via PC 

How To Find Saved Posts On Reddit 

First, let’s find out how to find saved posts on Reddit on PC. The step-by-step process that you can follow to find them easily is given here. 

  • So, if you are using a web browser to use Reddit, you first need to log in to the Reddit account using your login credentials. Once you have entered your account, you need to find the username option at the right top corner of the screen. You will find a username icon is shown there with your username. Click on it to get some other options like create, profile, user settings, avatar, Reddit cons, night mod, and more. 
  • Select the profile option among them to find a lot of tabs available. Some include posts, overview, downvoted, upvoted, awards given, saved, and hidden. All of these tabs are very useful features of Reddit that help to enhance your user experience. Reddit is able to save a lot of data on every customer’s activity. Click on the “saved” option from the tabs, and it will help you get all the saved pages on a list. 

This is how you can find saved posts on a PC easily. You can use different browsers to open the Reddit website and get access to your saved items. Now that you know how to find saved posts on Reddit Website, you need to find out how to do it on a mobile app. 

How To Find Saved Post On Mobile 

How To Find Saved Post On Mobile 

Finding out the step-by-step process on a PC is not enough; you need to find out how to find it on mobile. Mobile devices are very commonly used to access Reddit and view posts. So, it is also very important to know how to find saved posts on Reddit app. The step-by-step process will help you to know the process. 

  • First, you need to get the Reddit app for the smartphone and open the app and log in. After getting in the app, you will need to scroll through the feed page, and there are plenty of posts from people you follow that you can save from the little three dots at the top right corner. 
  • To find the saved posts, you will need to click on the user icon at the left top corner of the app. It will give you some common options like history, Reddit coins, saved, profile, Reddit premium, and others. You have to choose the saved option to find your saved posts. 
  • After entering the saved tab, you will find all the saved posts listed there. You can then see different posts from that list by clicking on them. 

This is how you can find the posts easily on both devices, including mobile and PC. Make sure to go through the steps to find out the details. Finding out how to find saved posts on Reddit will open a lot of new opportunities for you. However, keep in mind saving too many posts can make your Reddit app become slow. This is one of the answers to why is Reddit so slow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Find Saved Posts? 

You can find all the saved posts on Reddit by visiting the saved tab. It is available on both PC and mobile under the profile option. First, you have to look for the profile icon available most of the time at the right top of the screen. Then, you can click on it to find the saved option available along with others. 

Q2. How Do I Find My Old Saved Posts On Reddit?

Although you can check the saved posts easily in the Reddit app to find out all the saved posts. However, there is no way to skip the first posts and reach them. Instead, you have to scroll through the list to find old saved posts. 

Q3. Do Saved Posts Disappear On Reddit? 

Saved posts do not disappear from the list even after staying for a long time. If it happens, you can try changing the app or using a different browser. Mostly this issue might appear if there is a bug or problem with the app. 


In this article, you will be able to find a lot of information about Reddit and the saved posts. You can get the answer of how to find saved posts on Reddit for both mobile and PC with different steps. If you are new to the platform, just follow the easy steps to find the saved post. 

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