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Google Maps India  

The latest development for Google Maps in India that will get new updates says Google Vice President of Maps Experiences, Miriam Karthika Daniel.

Daniel said, “In places like India, voice and visual experiences are actually valuable. India is the number one country where people search using voice. It’s much easier for people to use their local vernacular language to search. So we want to support more and more of these visual and immersive use cases.”

Hence, why the company has introduced Street View in 3000 cities In India.

Apple New Update For iOS 17  

Apple latest update for iPhones is here only after few days since its last update. The major iOS 17.2.1 software update will fix some of the bugs in iPhone XS as well as improve security in latest iPhone models and fix some bugs.

In the Japanese and Chinese version, this latest update will improve the battery life in iOS.

Nothing Launched The Beta Version Of NothingOS 2.5  

NothingOS 2.5 has been released for the Nothing Phone (1). This NothingOS 2.5 is the beta version of the latest NothingOS. This new update for Android 14 comes with several new features like solid color wallpapers, enhanced widgets, lock screen shortcuts, support for apps or services and improved glyph lighting.

That’s all the tech news of today until more developments are made henceforth.

New Instagram Scam

Instagram scams are nothing new so taking precautions about these scams are necessary. Cyber-criminals have come up with a new scam on Instagram where they put up fake job offers on the platform. If you come across a job offer that looks too good to be true then chances are they are not true.

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