AI Tools Has The Power To Accurately Predict Weather Forecasts

IBM and NASA made an announcement at the recent COP28 or the 28th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC about, an AI tool available on Hugging Space, an open-source AI platform. is an AI tool that has the ability to monitors Earth from Space which can help accurate measure environmental changes in the past and make future predictions as well. was jointly built by NASA and IBM and might be used to predict catastrophic weather conditions with greater accuracy. Using this AI tool predictions of future catastrophic events like hurricanes, wildfires, floods, droughts and more can be predicted.

This AI technology by IBM utilizing the data from NASA can help scientists make estimations about past and future catastrophes. This AI technology can also create urban heat maps to show scientists places which have rising temperatures than their surrounding places.

To understand the importance of AI tools like in relation with weather forecasting you will need to understand the climate change impact on the world.

In recent decades, our planet Earth is warming up rapidly and this has led to several weather abnormalities like frequent floods, droughts, hurricanes, and wildfires which can be seen all across the globe. Unbearable heat waves during the summer is another thing which has become noticeable in different parts of the world.

Hence, its important to change our ways of living and develop technologies that can help us deal with climate change and its consequences. One such tool is that has artificial intelligence integrated within to help us understand past weather conditions and accurately predict future weather conditions.

With frequent hurricanes or wildfires, if this AI tools is used to accurately predict weather forecasts then many lives could be saved. In recent decades its true weather forecasts predictions have rapidly improved from the present six-day weather forecast as accurate as the past 5-day forecast a decade back.

Today’s three-day advanced hurricane prediction is better than 40 years back 24 hours hurricane prediction. Hence, more advanced technology can help us deal with the present climate change that is resulting in unstable weather all around the globe.

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