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ipad pro 11 inch used

Buying an Apple device as an iPad Pro 11 inch used can be a great addition to your collection of ever-growing technological equipment. Thanks to its fantastic user interface, all Apple devices have great features, courtesy of the iOS that runs these devices.

Therefore, if you are in the mood or need to buy an Apple device, purchasing an iPad Pro 11 inch used tab might be a great start. This device has many features made for productive people like you, visual artists, and like-minded professionals.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the features and benefits of buying a used iPad Pro 11 inch. After reading this article, you will be able to judge whether purchasing a used iPad Pro 11 inches is worth it.

iPad Pro 11 Inch Used – Brief Background

iPad Pro 11 Inch Used - Brief Background

The iPad Pro is the flagship tab that Apple first launched in 2015. It comes in two different variants based on screen size- the 12.9 inches and the 11 inches.

Critics and users, upon its launch, widely lauded the iPad Pro. Based on an optimized version of the iOS modified explicitly for the iPad. Users noted the OS for its smoothness and intuitiveness and its rich collection of applications that made the iPad a feature-rich device to have in your hand. 

Currently, the fifth generation of the iPad tablets is in circulation in the market, updated with Apple’s newly introduced M1 chips. But unfortunately, it does not come with an apple charger inside the case, leading to many controversies last year. 

iPad Pro 11 Inch Used – Main Features

The iPad Pro 11 inch used tablets have a lot of features, which both its hardware and inbuilt software have powered. Some of the most impressive features of the iPad Pro 11 inch are:

1. Display


The iPad Pro has a display of 12.9 inches and 11 inches. The latter has a liquid retina display that renders images in super high clarity, being pixel perfect from every angle. 

It has a high resolution of 2388 x 1668 pixels with 264 PPI – which is more than a Full HD (FHD) display, but it is not true 4K. However, the device supports the view of 4K videos, although they get compressed a bit. 

From the 2nd Generation onwards, the iPad Pro supports the use of the Apple Pencil. This makes the iPad Pro 11 inch used as an excellent device for artists who like to draw using the pencil on a screen.

2. Processor

Since the launch of the 5th Generation iPad Pro tablets, the M1 processor started to get rolled out with this device. The M1 chip is the first processor that is wholly developed by Apple, made for Apple devices exclusively. 

This M1 chip has an octa-core CPU, divided into four cores to maintain performance and four cores to retain the device’s efficiency. It also has an inbuilt octa-core GPU that provides the power to render high-quality graphics on the screen. 

The M1 chip is thus powerful enough to support all productivity applications, which is perfect for people in the digital industry. For example, graphic designers and editors will see a significant performance boost if they start using an iPad Pro 1 inch used. 

3. Storage

Depending on which variant of the iPad Pro 11 used you have decided to buy, five different storage solutions are available for you. These five storage options available are:

  • 128GB
  • 256GB
  • 512GB
  • 1TB
  • 2TB

Therefore, depending on what files, photos, videos, and applications you are going to store, you can go for a cheaper or more expensive variant depending on the storage space provided. Also, your RAM is dependent on your storage space, which we will explain below. 

4. Memory

Your RAM capacity is linked with which storage variant of the iPad Pro 11 inch used you have chosen. 

The storage and memory combinations that you can avail yourself are:

  • 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage space – 8GB RAM
  • 1TB and 2TB storage space – 16GB RAM

5. Camera

The iPad Pro 11 inch used comes packed with two different cameras – a wide camera and an ultra-wide camera. 

The 12MP wide camera is the most used, with 2x and 5x optical and digital zoom. 

The 10MP ultra-wide camera in the back supports 63MP panorama clicks, further enhanced by true tone flash and lens correction features. 

6. Sensors

The iPad Pro 11 inch used tablet has many sensors inside it, making many operations easier to conduct and making them feel smoother. The various sensors in the iPad are:

  • A Face ID for facial recognition for face unlock and face detection when clicking pictures
  • A LiDAR Scanner to make 3D topographical presentations of an area
  • A Three-axis gyro to determine device rotations accurately
  • An Accelerometer for measuring the vibrations and motions of the device
  • A Barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure
  • An Ambient light sensor for automatically adjusting the brightness and contrast of the screen

iPad Pro 11 Inch Used – Is It Worth It?

iPad Pro 11 Inch Used - Is It Worth It

Now that you know about some of the essential features of the iPad Pro 11 inch used, we come to the point where we discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of using a used iPad Pro 11 inch. 


  • The 11-inch display produces vivid and crystal clear images and videos. This makes every photo and video you click using the camera appear when displayed on the screen. The display surface is also smooth, making drawing on the screen using the Apple pen or your finger easier. 
  • The super-powerful M1 chip combines the functions of both the CPU and the GPU to make each action performed by the processor smooth and fast. This eliminates slowdowns caused due to multitasking – a boon for professionals who want to get their job done on the fly.
  • It has various variants of RAM and storage space combinations. Therefore, it effectively ensures that you never run out of storage space and memory to store all your files and open multiple applications at once. 
  • Apple devices have always been famed for their wide and ultra-wide cameras, which click high-quality photos and videos. There is no compromise regarding the camera quality since many award-winning movies have got recorded using an iPad Pro 11 inch used tablet. 


  • Currently, the iPad Pro 11 inch used does not support external displays connected to it. This might be a hassle for content creators and video editors who need multiple displays to perform efficiently.
  • No chargers or headphones get bundled on the box of the device. Therefore, you will need to learn how to charge apple without charger unless you buy the extra accessories pack that provides these essential devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What Is The Resale Value of iPad Pro?

The resale value of an iPad Pro 11 inch used should be around $450 to $700 depending on the model variant. 

Q2. How Much Should A Second Hand iPad Cost?

A second-hand iPad Pro 11 inch used should cost around $450 to $700 depending on model variant. 

Q3. How Old Is The iPad Pro 11-Inch 2nd Generation?

A used iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd Generation) was released in the year 2020. Therefore, it is currently two years old.  

Q4. Is iPad Pro 11-Inch Big Enough For Note Taking?

Yes, a used iPad Pro 11-inch 2nd Generation is big enough for note-taking.


Overall, the benefits of using an iPad Pro 11 inch used far outweigh its cons. Therefore, we highly recommend buying a second-hand iPad Pro 11 inch used if you like using tablets.

Whether it’s for gaming, productivity tasks, or watching videos and movies on a big screen – the used iPad Pro 11-inch 2nd Generation is built with longevity and performance in mind.

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