How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger? Here Is The Answer

how to charge apple watch without charger

Among all the cool accessories of Apple, the Apple Watch is a fascinating gadget. You get all the notifications from your smartphone on your watch. Also, they are beautiful and helpful when you are working or in a situation where using your phone is difficult.

But, your apple watch may run out of battery sometimes. You see a red lighting symbol on the apple watch screen. But, it would help if you did not wait for the battery of your watch to get fully depleted and charge it when even a little bit of juice is left there. 

But did you ever ask yourself how to charge Apple Watch without charger? If you have, then this article might interest you. Here, we talked about charging an apple watch without the charger. 

But let us first educate you on how you can charge your Apple Watch using a charger. 

How to charge an apple watch using a charger? 

How to charge an apple watch using a charger

Charging an Apple watch is a simple process. But if you want to sustain both your watch and your charger for a long time, then you need to be very careful and follow the septs I have mentioned here-

Most of the apple chargers are identical. You can use one character for charging any of the models of the Apple Watch; You can charge the original apple watch and the other latest series of apple watches using the same charger. 

Here are the essential steps for charging your apple watch-

  1. Take off your watch from your wrist first.
  2. Then plug in the cable or dock into your USB adapter. If you have a portable charger, you can charge your watch using the laptop and connect it to the laptop or the power bank.
  3. If you are using any direct power source, you need to plug your charger/USB adapter connected to the charger into the power source. 
  4. Now, you need to place the smart watch’s back on the magnet of the charger and then switch the power source on. 
  5. You will see a green light signaling that your watch is getting charged. 
  6. Once the watch is fully charged, you can remove the charger instantly. 

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

Now for the most exciting part about charging your apple smartwatch without a charger, you need to know a few things. For your curiosity, here is a brief of the Apple smartwatch and its hidden features that allow you to charge your Apple Watch without a charger. 

According to a buzz that circulated in 2015, a six-pin six-pin hidden port was within the apple watch. There were rumors that this port was the secret to extending the life of the battery of the apple watch. 

When you remove your apple watch strap, you can find the port. You can push open a pinhole using a sharp needle or similar tool.

A company called Reverse Strap developed a strap that smartwatch users can attach to the six-pin port. This strap can help you charge your apple watch if you attach it to your watch. You can charge your watch wirelessly when you wear the watch on your wrist.

This method of charging the apple watch used to be faster by 5% to 7% compared to using a charger.

The cool feature that this company brought to the market soon became useless as Apple decided to keep the port closed in the next series of Apple watches from 2017. As a result, the functionality of charging your watch without a charger was disabled. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the methods of charging an apple watch without a charger. If you have any further queries about charging your apple watch, you can follow these questions and their answers.

How To Charge Apple Watch 5 Without Magnetic Charger

Since Apple has now removed the hidden port for attaching the Reverse Strap for charging your watch when wearing it, you need to resort to other methods for charging your apple watch. Here are some optimal ways-

You can use the magnetic charging cable or the charging dock. 
You can also use the portable chargers that Apple approves. 
If the six-pin port is accessible, you can also use the Reverse Strap charger. 

How To Charge Apple Watch SE Without Charger

You can charge your apple watch SE without a charger; you need to open the watch strap and open up the six-pin port for that. Then, you can use a needle or similar tool to push the port open and use the Reverse Strap band for charging it while wearing the watch.  

Is There Anyway To Charge The Apple Watch When You Have No Charger?

Yes, one way to charge your apple watch even if you have no charger. For instance, you can use the portable charging tools that Apple approves of. In addition, you can use the Reverse Charging strap by the Reverse Strap company. 

Can An Apple Watch Be Charged With An iPhone Charger?

It depends on the type of adapter you have for chagrin. You can use any product supported with USB to charge your apple watch. 
Yes, there are various apple approved tools and portable charging accessories for the Apple smartwatch. You can use such tools to charge your apple watch easily and fast.


If you have apple watches with hidden ports, you can use the methods explained in this article to charge your watch without a magnet charger. In this article, we have taught you how to charge Apple Watch without charger. 

You can use the Reverse Strap tool on your Apple Watch and charge it without a charger. Once you open the hidden port and use the tool we have mentioned here in this article, you can easily charge it while wearing it on your wrist. If you have any further questions, you can ask them in the comment section.

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