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Marvel Future Fights Launches Special Events To Celebrate 150 Million Global Registration

Marvel Future Fights Celebrate 150 Million Global Registration


While phase 5 of the MCU movies still has some goodies waiting for the Marvel fans, Kevin Fiege already has plans for phase 6 going forward. Aside from breaking the box office in the movies sector, MCU is also killing it in the gaming world. 

If you are already a player of Marvel Future Fights, you know what is happening right now. Yes, your favorite Marvel Mobile RPG game has crossed a whopping 150 million global registration since it launched in April 2015. The game offers more than 251 playable marvel characters and 393 uniforms for the characters. 

The famous Game Netmarble has planned to commemorate this achievement by celebrating it. They have set exclusive limited-time events for the fans to enjoy. Fans can participate in these events, gain special rewards and receive discounts on in-game uniforms. 

Here are the discounts and the contents the fans can look forward to. 

SELECTOR: TIER-3 (October 5 – 31)

Fans have to check in to receive the SELECTOR: TIET-3 feature through the inbox of the game. Gamers can access the TIER-3 characters out of the 20 available ones. The big names include Captain America, Ghost Rider, Vision, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, and Venom.

Symbiote Invasion II Event Quest (October 5 – 18)

Fans have to complete daily quests like WORLD BOSS clear and COMIC CARD upgrade. They can also play an ALLIANCE BATTLE to enter the quest. Players can anticipate gifts such as TIER-2 MEGA ADVANCEMENT TICKET, PREMIUM CARD CHEST, and 4★ ARTIFACT.

40% Discount On Uniforms (October 4 – 11)

Most fascinating of all, fans can now purchase the costumes they longed for at a 40% discount during this promotional event. 


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