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Microsoft Might Rebrand Xbox Cloud Gaming To XCLOUD

Microsoft Might Rebrand Xbox Cloud Gaming To XCLOUD

Microsoft is currently seeking a trademark for “XCLOUD” to rebrand its cloud gaming service.

Key Points:

  • Microsoft is trying to get a trademark for “XCLOUD.”
  • This hints at a possible rebranding of their Xbox Cloud gaming service.
  • Users of the platform still refer to the service as XCloud since it first started.

Reports indicate that Microsoft has been looking forward to rebranding its Xbox Cloud Gaming services. This comes from the fact that they have been currently looking for a trademark approval of the term “XCLOUD” – further hinting at the upcoming rebranding. 

This is a great move toward cloud gaming since it is increasing in popularity and being used steadily. Cloud gaming is slowly taking over the gaming market. This can be said due to the increasing availability of high-speed internet in developed and developing countries.

With 5G internet now being available across many countries and slowly being launched in various developing countries as well, it is expected to pose a significant development toward the acceptance of cloud gaming in the next couple of years. 

Cloud gaming will soon become more popular because of its limited hardware requirements. Unlike playing other video games on your computer, you do not need a beefy computer with high-end hardware to run games being played on the cloud. Instead, you only need an internet browser and a fast internet connection to do so.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is becoming pretty popular since it provides users to play high-end games on low-end computers. Since it’s by Microsoft, the Microsoft Edge browser performs particularly well here (the only thing it does great so far). In addition, it also supports the use of Bluetooth controllers as well.

XCLOUD has been the unofficial brand name of this cloud gaming service since its launch in 2020. Therefore, it is good news for gamers that it might soon become its official brand name if all goes well.

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