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How To Use Hashtags For Instagram Reels To Promote Brand In The Best Way?

You already know that using hashtags for Instagram reels is probably an excellent idea for obtaining a higher rate of engagement and subsequently boosting your following. As a result, it was almost eventual that we would work on an article for demystifying Instagram’s algorithm in terms of hashtags. 

During the pandemic, Instagram launched its newest form of content that took the world by storm. Unlike Instagram stories which randomly disappear within the first 24 hours, these videos can be viewed on your profile in the section of the reels.

Furthermore, since reels happen to be a pretty new feature, the algorithms reward users for making them. 

So how can you leverage your growth on Instagram with the help of hashtags? Keep reading to find out now!

Using Hashtags For Instagram Reels: Why, Though?

Since Instagram actually rewards users for making reels, it simply means that there’s pretty less competition as compared to both stories and posts – this is because not everyone out there is not really using the feature.

So when you build a strategy blending reels and effective hashtag usage, you end up leveraging your content, thus boosting your engagement in the process. 

So let’s check out why using hashtags for Instagram reels are such a big deal! All you have to do is scroll down and find out the importance of reels hashtags for Instagram!

Boosts Reach:

Boosts Reach

Yes, hashtags can boost your reach on Instagram and make it very specific in the process. However, Instagrammers are usually more apprehensive about using hashtags under their content since it can be a time-consuming process to find the right hashtags and suitable reels for your site. 

But have you thought about how hashtags can help you to find niche-based content? Thus, if you choose to use hashtags for Instagram reels, then you will be able to create a community with your niche audience. 

Moreover, since all featured reels take up a lot of space on most hashtag pages, it easily comes within the user’s attention span.

Moreover, in case you manage to reach the top of the page, then your video actually stays there for the next few days, and sometimes even weeks. 

Boosts Engagement:

Finding out trending hashtags for Instagram reels can be the best thing you can do to boost your organic engagement. If you have a basic Instagram account with around 300,000 followers, you must use reels to increase both your reach and impressions. 

As a big influencer, you don’t need to use hashtags because you have already obtained a kind of authority on the platform. This means you have received a green signal from the otherwise flaky Instagram algorithm. So you will automatically get a good rate of engagement. 

However, if you still decide on using hashtags for your reels, the best thing that you can do is test a few trending and niche hashtags – check out which ones are working for you and which ones are failing to help you in any way. 

Exploring The Power Of Hashtags For Instagram Reels: How To Use Hashtags To Promote Your Brand?

If you are wondering how to use viral hashtags for Instagram reels, you have come to the right place because we are here to help you understand how hashtags can help you to leverage all your reels for promoting your brand.

Scroll down and find out all that you need to know about the same.

The thing about using hashtags for Instagram reels is these act as keywords do in Google search – this is because hashtags are used for categorizing your content on the gram. There are three things that you need to understand about using hashtags.

These are as follows…

  1. Topical Relevance
  2. Hashtag Competition
  3. Post Engagement

Topical Relevance:

Topical Relevance

The Instagram algorithm will recommend your content to people who actually want to see the same. So it would obviously take into account a few things such as,

  • Whether you actually follow experts in your industry, accounts with topical authorities instead of following just a few niche hashtags.
  • Whether there’s any topical coherence when it comes to all the hashtags you have used, especially in Instagram’s eyes.
  • Whether you post often and also how much you interact with other accounts relevant to your niche. 
  • Whether your content is in fact relevant to your niche. 

So you just need to engage with other experts in your industry or rather with accounts on Instagram that has a high rate of engagement and follow the same up with consistent posting, quality content creation, and a coherent range of hashtags. 

Hashtag Competition:

Hashtag competition has a lot to do with the popularity and search volume of reels hashtags, that is, how many content pieces are using the same hashtags and how many users are even looking for the same. It’s best to blend low and high-competition hashtags together for similar purposes. 

It would also be a smart idea to check out all the hashtags that are trending on other social networking platforms. This will help you to include high-performing hashtags in all your reels.

The next time you are trying to find hashtags for Instagram reels, go for an optimized list that will help you to boost both engagement and reach. 

Post Engagement:

Post Engagement

Instagram’s algorithm works in a way that pushes most of your content into the news feeds of users who frequently engage with your IG content. You can easily obtain great engagement by successfully posting quality reels.

Find out what’s working best for ranking content and incorporate the same into your strategy. 

This is inclusive of all viral trends. Every time you are spotting there’s some new trend in the world of content, don’t waste any time and use the same by simply creating your version of the trend and adding those relevant hashtags for the best results. 

Currently, one reel can be viewed on every single search page for hashtags, and one on the Explore page. However, the basic competition to be displayed on such pages is technically low compared to the same for static posts. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions about using hashtags for Instagram reels below!

1. How Do You Make A Reel Go Viral Hashtag?

Before you can move on, it’s best to figure out the hashtags and captions that you would want to make a part of your video. It’s vital that you add hashtags on all your reels so that it’s easier for people to find the same.

It’s best to add hashtags that are relevant to your videos – also, include a blend of niche and trending hashtags for the best results.

2. Do Hashtags Work On Instagram Reels?

Yes, hashtags perform well on all Instagram reels. If you haven’t added hashtags to most of your reels, you can quickly go back and edit the caption for adding hashtags to all your old reels – it sounds like a lot of work, we know, but trust us, it will prove to be a great alternative.

3. How Do Hashtags Increase Instagram Reels?

When you search about any popular or trending topics on Instagram, you will be able to create content easily for obtaining more views. In fact, if you use all the relevant hashtags, your view base will be maximized.

4. How Do I Promote A Product Reel On Instagram?

Check out the tips mentioned below for promoting product reels on Instagram.

• Talk about your teams and businesses. 
• Share content that’s educational for featuring your products.
• Let everyone be aware of your offers and promotions.
• Run ads for your reels.
• Repost stories in the reel format.

And It’s A Social Wrap: Hashtags Are Your Best Bet For Success

If you have been finding Instagram reels hashtags for likes then the best way to go about it is to build a hashtag strategy composed of both niche hashtags and trending ones for the most effective results.

If you are planning on using hashtags for Instagram reels, don’t compromise because these are the future!

Tell us what you think about using hashtags for posting reels in the comments below!

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