Prime Minister Of India Inviting People Globally To Take Part In Artificial Intelligence Summit 2023

Narendra Modi Prime Minister Of India

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a LinkedIn post invited people from around the world to join Artificial Intelligence Summit 2023. He mentions a Global Partnership in a fascinating program that celebrates strides towards AI and innovations.

He said that India wants to be an active contributor in the evolution of AI alongside global power as they leap towards not-so-distant future. He adds that India is looking forward to take huge leap in the Artificial Intelligence sector and empower its citizens.

Prime Minister also asserted that he won’t be exaggerating when saying that India has achieved tremendous success in technology sector within a few years that took other countries generations to perfect.

He adds that India is a young nation with a talented workforce and a vibrant start-up ecosystem that have lots to offers especially solutions that can take your world towards sustainable future. PM adds that one such example of effort taken towards technology advancement in India is the Digital Public Infrastructure initiative by India.

He says, “In the last nine to 10 years, India and its citizens have leap-fogged with the help of technology. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that India achieved, in a matter of few years, what took other countries a generation.”

All these advancement in India’s technology sector came about due to popularity and fast-paced spread in smartphones technology along with internet connectivity and other digital devices said PM Narendra Modi.

“Similarly, in the field of AI, India is looking to take a giant leap to empower its citizens. Be it serving citizens in their language or making education easier and personalized,” adds Prime Minister. He also talked about healthcare system of India and his plans for making it accessible for all and making agriculture much more informed.

He said that India has started using AI for different productive purposes. Adding “When India innovates, it does so to ensure that no one is left behind. When India leads, it does so to ensure that it can take everyone along towards the goal of the greater good. ”He ended his speech expanding on different session planned to takes place in Artificial Intelligence Summit 2023. 150 start-ups including AI Expo will be present in the 2023 AI Summit.

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