Top Tech News Today From Open AI Asking For 100 Billion Funding To Leaked Price Of Redmi Note 13 Pro  

Get all the latest news about technology within a single article. In this week news OpenAI is looking for 100 billions dollars in funding while Redmi Note 13 Pro prices was leaked and Instagram users are looking to delete their account. If you want to keep updated about the tech world then read this article.

  1. OpenAI In Talks To Raise 100 Billions In Funding

ChatGPT developer OpenAI is in talks for raising 100 billion dollars in fresh funding according to Bloomberg. The company is also discussing raising 8 to 10 billion dollars for a new chip in collaboration with Abu Dhabi’s G42. This news comes after the company has already secured a separate 86 billion dollars tender in January.

  1. Redmi Note 13 Pro Price Leaked

Redmi is set to launch three Note 13 phones from the series and now the Note 13 Pro price have leaked online. A source reveled that the Redmi Note 13 pro will cost you around 32,999 rupees in India. It is also said that the launch price will cost less than the MRP printed on the phone.

  1. Apple Approaches Major News Publishers To License Their Archives

Apple has approached news organizations like Conde Nast, IAC, Better Homes and Gardens, NBC News and The Daily Beast about licensing Apple’s archives. The deal Apple is offering to major news agency is around 50 million dollars that will be used to train Apple’s AI systems.

  1. Beeper Gives Up Against Apple For Integrating iMessage

Beeper, a startup company that offered integration of iMessage app with Android devices has gave up their fight against Apple. Beeper was reported saying that Apple has vast resources which the company can’t fight against.

  1. Instagram Users Are Looking To Delete Their Instagram Account

Instagram Threads saw huge dip in daily active users around 80% reported TRG Datacentres. Over 1 million users of Instagram have searched online how to delete Instagram accounts every month since the peak of treads this Summer. This numbers is equal to every 12,000 searches every 100,000 people searches.

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