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Top 15 IG Tools To Grow Your Audiences And Likes

IG Tools To Grow Your Audiences

Social media presence is one of the most important things right now in the world. You will see most people are obsessed with getting likes, follows, and comments on social media platforms. Instagram is the most popular one where most influences spend their time when it comes to social media platforms. 

With the increasing popularity of Instagram, the use of tools has also been boosted. Most people do not care about how they get likes and comments. They take the help of different ig tools to grow their popularity. If you want to level up too, you will need to know the list of best ig tools to use for your Instagram account. 

With so many tools being available in the market, it is hard to choose the best ones. We have done the research and came up with the best ig tools. Here are they given below in detail to help you choose the best one. 

Best 15 IG Tools To Use For Your Account Growth 

You will find a lot of ig tools available on the internet. However, most of them do not work, come with malicious viruses, scam money, and others. So, you will need to choose the best ones that work effectively and provide true results. While some are free to use, you will need to pay to use the other ones. 

1. Loomly 


Loomly is one of the most popular ig tools that many people use for their Instagram accounts. It is known for the ability to schedule Reels and Stories. In addition, the tool will help you to see in-depth previews of the posts. The app is very simple and affordable for smaller agencies and teams.

2. Sprout Social 

Sprout Social

Another name that comes to mind when talking about the ig tools Instagram is Sprout Social. It stays at the top of most of the list for a reason. Sprout Social is an all-in-one Instagram tool that can help you get high growth. Things like in-depth analytics, strategic scheduling, collaboration, cross-publishing, and many features are available. 

3. CapCut


Capcut is one of the popular Igtools that you can use for powerful video editing on both Android and Apple. From quick edits to speed controls, you will be able to do everything in this app for free. In addition, it offers a massive library of filters and sounds that will help make your videos more attractive

4. Sendible 


Sendible is a helpful ig tools app for agencies to promote and schedule social posts for clients. Some features of this app like drag and drop, team chat, photo editing directly from the platform makes it second to none. So, if you are looking for an app with these features, try this one to get the best results. 

5. Taggbox


Looking for Instagram likes tools? Taggbox is a very popular tool that can help you to get more likes on Instagram. It makes your content visible to other mediums apart from Instagram to the target audience. Your Instagram posts will be visible to Instagram Feeds Wall on any digital signage or event. It makes the visitors of your official website curious about your social presence. 

6. SISTRIX Hashtag Generator 

SISTRIX Hashtag Generator

If you want your content to trend, you will need to use some best hashtags. This is because they play a major role in making your content popular. However, many people just think of random hashtags or spend a lot of time finding the best relevant hashtags. 

SISTRIX Hashtag Generator is here to help you get out of your misery. It will help you find the best and most popular hashtags based on your posts. So,  if you are looking for ig tools followers, give it a try. 

7. Mojo 


Businesses and brands are all about how-tos and tutorials on social media. Mojo is a mini Instagram studio that comes with text effects, animated stories, moving backgrounds, stylish cutaways, and many more. You can also get the premium version of this app that comes with much more features and templates. The free version of the app lets you enjoy some basic features. 

8. Iconosquare 


If you are looking for the best Instagram management tool, try Iconosquare. It is one of the very popular social media management ig tools that comes with plenty of features to manage your social media activities and schedule the content. So, if you want to get a boost of likes and a constant flow of followers on your account, Mojo is the best option. 

9. Combin 


Many people look for ig tools likes, and comments. Combin helps you to get genuine followers, comments, and likes on Instagram. So, you will grow a strong profile and get a boost in your online presence. Combin will search for influencers to promote your brand and engage with followers. It will help you to get the necessary boost and start getting popular. 

10. Instazood 


It is a web-based Instagram bot that comes with a long list of features that might be helpful for you. This is one of the ig tools that let you enjoy the features like automatic commenting and liking. It is one of the Instagram likes tools that work very well, unlike many other ones available on the market. Apart from that, it also helps to analyze, track, hashtags based on the interest, taste, and targeted demographics. 

11. Inflact 


Another hashtag generator tool that comes with AI-advanced technology is to create a list of popular and related hashtags. You can use this tool to generate the best hashtags based on the photos. The provided list might be too big; you will need to choose the best ones from the list. To use all the features of this app, you will need to purchase the premium version. It is one of the ig tools on the list that does not come with a free version. 

12. Ingramer 


Ingramer is a growth assistant of Instagram that helps the users to get more comments, likes, shares, and followers. Amazing features like automatic direct messages, auto likes, auto unfollow feature, auto follow, and others. Also, just like many other tools mentioned above, you will be able to search for some best hashtags. In addition, this tool offers similar features like ig tools com. 

13. Jarvee 


Jarvee is a very popular social media automation software that helps you to automate all social media accounts. You can easily use this to automate the growth process of all social media accounts, including Instagram. 

You will get more comments, clicks, shares that will help your account grow. Apart from that, features like automatic follow, reposting, scheduling, follow back, auto like, delete posts, managing messages, and other features are available just like many other ig tools of this list.  

14. Vixer 


Vixer is simple, easy to use, and available to Apple devices. It is a tool that lets you create reels with slideshows, filters, voiceovers, custom texts, and more. You will be able to get an update from the normal Reels editing. It will make your content rich and attractive to get more likes and followers. 

15. Trusy Social 

Trusy Social

Trusy is one of the famous ig tools for monetizing and scaling up your Instagram influence and presence. It helps to grow the network in Instagram and get more user engagements on your content like comments, likes, and shares. 

You can track the posts and hashtags you follow on Instagram to increase the network. It will help to drive engagement and connect with the authentic accounts of Instagram. 

Final Takeaway 

Everyone wants to have a good social media presence and become popular. The race to become an Instagram influencer or popular might seem easy. However, you will need to take the help of ig tools to stay in the competition. There are plenty of tools available that claim to grow your Instagram account. However, all of them are not good and do not offer many features.

We have done the research and provided the best ig tools that you can use to grow your social media presence. Go through each tool to find all the details about them and find all the information. If this article helped you find out the details, make sure to share it with others.

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