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What Are The Types Of Apple Chargers? Check It Out! [Updated Guide 2022]

Types Of Apple Chargers

In the last decade, the sales of Apple smart gadgets have dramatically increased. The company has put much effort to expand its markets in all leading countries of the world. In such a backdrop, the customers are more prone to face problems with the accessories. 

There are many Apple users who are confused about the right chargers for their devices. If you are one of them, this article is for you. Here you can know about the types of chargers and the devices they are compatible with. 

Moreover, you can know the facts regarding the fake Apple charger in the latter part of the article. As a result, you would be able to use them. For now, go through the points given below. 

Types Of Apple Chargers Available In The Market

In this part of the article, you can go through the details of the types of chargers available in the market. Have a look:

1. Apple MagSafe Charger

Apple MagSafe Charger

The Apple MagSafe charger is one of the latest products from the brand. It is one of the wireless chargers that can boost power in all recent models of iPhone. 

So, if you have an iPhone 13 or 12 variant, it would be best to buy an Apple wireless charger. Moreover, you can use it as a power enhancer for your Airpods

2. Apple MagSafe Duo Charger

Apple MagSafe Duo Charger

When it comes to Apple wireless chargers, you can find the MagSafe Duo variant on the list. This charger is compatible with iPhones of the 13, 12, 11, X, and 8 variants. So, it can be the best commodity to buy if you are thinking to change/upgrade your charger. 

Moreover, if you are concerned about how much is an Apple Watch charger, just check the price of this commodity. You would be amazed to know that all e-commerce websites deal with the MagSafe Duo chargers. Even, you can use this to enhance the power of your AirPods. 

3. Apple USB-C To Lightning Cable

Apple USB-C To Lightning Cable

The Apple USB-C to lightning cable is a wired charger that is compatible with all recent smart gadgets. You can buy this type of charger in case of having budget constraints

Well, you should also buy a proper power plug with the charger wire. Always refer to the package box of your device while buying the chargers as the power requirements are written on it.

4. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

The magnetic charging cable is yet another type of charger that comes from Apple. Here you can find a magnetic power that is wired with a USB port. So, all you have to do is to connect it to a power plug. 

If you are an Apple Watch user and trying to save money on accessories, this is the best product you can buy.

Another best thing about this charger from Apple is its availability in a USB-C variant. You can buy this if all your smart gadgets belong to Apple.

5. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is specially designed to charge the Apple watches. However, you can consider it as a less utility commodity. The main reason is the presence of the Apple MagSafe Duo charger in the market.  

6. Apple Wireless Charging Case For Airpods

Apple Wireless Charging Case For Airpods

You can charge the Airpods right from the charging case. This is yet another type of charger that you can find on the market. The presence of LED indicators at the front of the charging case can help you understand that the pods are boosting power. 

To provide charge to the charging case, you can use the Qi mat. If you do not have it, the lightning cable can also help. So, if you are an Airpod user, you need to be careful with the charging case. 

Ways To Spot Fake Apple Accessories

Spot Fake Apple Accessories

Now, as you know about the different types of Apple iPhone chargers available in the market, it is time to choose the original product. In this part, you can learn about the ways to detect fake Apple chargers.

So, keep aside the concern of how to charge the Apple Watch without a charger and go through the following points. 

1.  Observe The Package

The primary thing you can do while buying an Apple charger is observed the package. In case you find it abnormal in any way, consider it fake. You can straightaway reject purchasing the product and charge the seller. 

All Apple power accessories come with the logo. So, you need to check it and find if the words ‘Made For iPhone, iPad and iPad’ are on the logo.

3. See If The Charging Cable Is Of The Right Size

In most cases, the fake charging cables do not come in the size as the original ones. So, if you are taking the Apple accessories, take note of the cable. In case you find a fake product, complain to the dealer at once. 

4. Observe The ‘boot’ Length For Consistency

In all original chargers of Apple, the boot has the same size as its neck. So, this is another parameter by which you can spot a fake Apple accessory. You should always try to get rid of such products as they are not durable. Moreover, the fake Apple chargers can hamper the hardware of your device. So, you can expect your device to blackout at any time. 

Final Words

If you are soon planning to buy an Apple smart gadget, try saving money for the original accessories too. While shopping, you can ask the shopkeeper about the original product. 

In case you want to save money, buy the wired products. On the other hand, if you are buying wireless products, make sure to have enough power support. Always remember that not only the charger but other commodities from Apple can make your life easier. 

You should always thank IoT for whatever support you are getting from Apple gadgets and chargers. The best you can do is save your money and invest it in buying the original products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Ok To Buy a Non-Apple Charger?

It is safe to purchase a Non-Apple Charger if it is tested and rated properly. Otherwise, you should not use it by any means.

What Are The Different Apple Chargers?

The MagSafe charger, the wired USB-C charger, and the 30 Pin Dock Connector are some of the leading Apple chargers.

What Charger Does Apple Recommend?

Apple always recommends that users use the original chargers for their devices.

How Can I Get A Free Charger From Apple?

In case, you have an original Apple Charger with you which is not working properly, you can get a free charger from the company’s end by exchanging it for free.

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