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Is Character AI Secure?

character ai safe

Are you searching for ‘is Character AI safe’ on the internet? Want to know if Character AI can keep your data and conversations secure? Then this article is a must read for you as we have provided information on how safe Character AI is. 

What Is Character AI?

What Is Character AI

The most popular ChatGPT alternative in the AI space is the Character AI platform. It is a platform that users can use to create their own personalized chatbot or ‘Characters’ to converse with. Character AI service is especially for non-technical users to create customized chatbots specific to their preferences. 

Character AI uses a neural language model to offer its chatbot service, which generates human-like text responses. The advanced technology used in Character AI can also help chatbots participate in contextual interactions seamlessly. The Character.AI platform has become so popular that the company has reached 1 billion dollars in valuation. 

Using Character AI, you can create any character of your choice be it fictional or a real person, living or dead, cartoon character or historical figure from the past. These characters can be given backstories and personas which will make conversation more immersive with the AI bot. 

From creating personalized chatbot to creating a room virtually where chatbots can interact with each other Character AI has several features for users to try. You can have extensive conversations with Character AI chatbots, and the conversations will flow naturally. 

But how safe is Character.AI? In the AI sector, chatbots are being launched left and right but how safe are these AI chatbots especially AI character generator bots which create very believable character of celebrities or public figures. 

How safe Is Character AI?

How safe Is Character AI

To answer your question ‘Is character AI safe?’ is not as straight forward as you might think. Everyday several people use Character.AI platform to create well-known personality characters and have extensive conversations with these AI bots. These bots are programmed to collect as much data from these conversations to offer accurate response to the user’s text. 

So naturally these AI chatbots collect several kinds of data. According to Character.AI Privacy Policy these data are safe. But how safe is our data or conversations that we need to understand. Simply not being able to see other conversations with chatbots created by others is not considered safe.  

Let us now discuss the listed steps taken by Character.AI to keep its users’ data safe. 

  • According to the Privacy Policy of Character.AI, the company uses SSL encryption to protect its user’s data. 
  • The company has a strict policy against ‘not safe for work’ or NSFW content. 
  • Users have the option to report inappropriate or suspicious behaviour on the platform. 
  • According to the company’s Terms of service a team of moderators specifically created to review user conversations to find potential violations. 

So, although it talks about specific privacy concerns and how it tackles them, Character AI fails to specify data safety in respect to sharing certain data with other organizations.  

In the last decade, what we were able to understand from the internet is that data is powerful. Major companies like Google and Amazon have been selling and buying data to increase their sales and revenues. 

Character AI does not specify anywhere in their Privacy Policy if our data is secure from outside influence. Now we will discuss the potential risks from Character AI. 

Three Major Potential Security Risks From Character.AI 

To answer your question ‘Is Character AI safe?’ We have provided three potential data security risks from Character.AI. 

Misuse Of Identity

Misuse Of Identity

Character AI has the ability to create any character both reel and real-life personas. So, it can easily be used to create fake identities by impersonating other people. You can also create fake social media profiles using these fake identities of people. These fake identities can be used to spread misinformation, harass others and mainly commit identity fraud which are punishable crimes under the law. 

Spread Of Misinformation And Deception

Spread Of Misinformation And Deception

Character.AI can be used to create realistic images and fake texts which can be used to deceive other people. Did you hear the term deep fake? Deepfakes are images of people which are created by AI that look so realistic that you won’t be able to decide which image is real and which isn’t.  

Using these deepfakes anyone can manipulate public opinions and damage someone’s reputation. 

Using deepfakes combined with realistic misinformation like texts or voice chats can lead to manipulating public opinions.  

Already deepfakes are used to manipulate elections or destroy someone’s image. As these images and texts are very difficult to discern if it’s real or not, this makes it a good method to spread misinformation. Main motive of deepfakes is to deceive people. This way Character.AI can be used to risk your identity. 

Privacy Concern

Privacy Concern

You can use Character.AI to create a character virtually that resembles a real-life character to converse with for your entertainment. But imagine if someone’s intention is to create a realistic image of you to defame you and deceive people close to you by creating fake chats. Now this was a major drawback of popularizing AI. 

AI can evolve over time, so it’s bound to improve at creating better fake conversations and images which can be used to deceive people. Similarly, Character AI can be used to endanger your identity. This can be a major privacy concern for any individual. 

Using Character.AI platform anyone could create a fake identity of a person they want to deceive. 


Character AI has always mentioned how they take extra measures to protect your data and keep it secure. But it fails to understand that the main purpose of the platform is to create deepfakes or realistic virtual Characters for entertainment. So, identity theft is bound to happen as Character AI cannot know the intention of the person using the platform. 

Although Character AI specifically says it prioritizes steps that will ensure data safety of its users. Steps like Data retention, SSL encryption, only limited access to users’ data for employees on a need-to-know basis and data storage. 

We hope this article was able to answer your question ‘Is Character AI safe?’ Let us know your thoughts about Character AI platform. 

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