Amazon Introduced Its New ChatBot Q  Powered By AI  

ChatBot Q

The latest introduction to the AI market was Amazon’s Chatbot Q that is powered by AI comes a year after the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI. Amazon is among the latest tech companies today that have developed artificial intelligence bots that top tech firms are in a rush to adopt in this recent years. Especially after the launch of ChatGPT and its popularity among the people due to its efficient productivity, tech giants could not wait to capture the market of AI.

Amazon’s Q would help businesses summarize long documents and increase productivity in general. From group chats to finding solutions, Q will help its users with several things. The bot can answer customer queries, analyze data, help is coding and generate charts.

Amazon mentions why we should look forwards to its latest AI chatbot, Q and whats new in it. The company announced that using this chatbot by companies won’t lead to copyright issues as faced by companies that use ChatGPT.

A high-profile lawsuit has been filed by comedian, Sarah Silverman against the company that developed ChatGPT, OpenAI and Meat, owned by Facebook. This lawsuit mentions how the books of Ms Silverman have been used to train the bot, ChatGPT which leads to copyright issues.

Amazon says the company will protect business using its bot from these copyright troubles as it trains its bot seeing to those aspects.

The competition among tech giants to innovate in the field of AI has been heating up with Microsoft leading the field after its big investment in Open AI that created ChatGPT. On September, Amazon announced that it would invest “up to $4bn [£3.2bn]” in an AI firm called Anthropic.Anthropic, is an AI firm founded by former OpenAI employees and it owns Mechanical Turks that offers crowd-sources to train AI models. Amazon said that they hope Q will be rollout its business applications that will entice businesses to use its cloud computing services.

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