The Best Electric Scooter With Seat That You Can Buy In 2023  

The Best Electric Scooter With Seat That You Can Buy In 2023

A seat-equipped electric scooter is not a toy for kids or an upgraded bicycle. You may show off your playful side on this environmentally-friendly ride. The finest electric scooters with seat options combine a potent engine with a stylish element, like a bamboo deck, to boost what users love about its original design.

Take a look at our picks for the best seated electric scooters. Click here for our comprehensive 2023 purchasing guide, which tests and evaluates 14 of the available top electric scooters. Check out our extra selections for the finest e-scooters for people on the heavier side because we firmly believe that electric scooters are suitable for everyone.

Best Electric Scooter With Seat  

The best electric scooter with seat in 2023 are:

1. Inokim Light 2  

Top Speed21 miles per hour
Maximum Range20 miles
Weight30 pounds
Motor Power350 w
Size Of Wheels8.5”
Product Warranty1 year

For many reasons, our top pick for seated electric scooters is the Inokim Light 2. Its 36V 10.4Ah LG lithium-ion battery and aluminum body combine mobility with maximum performance. Thanks to the four-hour charging period and the flexibility to charge in any outlet, you won’t ever have to worry about being stranded. With only one click, it collapses fast to a size of around 37x10x14 inches.

Safety measures include a rear drum brake, integrated LED lighting, an LCD display, and an auto motor cutoff. The leather cushion is comfortable and straightforward to clean, and the seat is adjustable (18.1” to 24.8”). When not in use, the seat neatly folds. The Inokim Light 2 weighs 30 lbs (without the seat) and has a maximum load capacity of 220 pounds, which is sufficient for most riders. It features a 350W 36V gearless hub motor that peaks at 650W.

2. EMove Cruiser  

EMove Cruiser
Top Speed25 miles per hour
Maximum Range62 miles
Weight52 pounds
Motor Power600 w
Size Of Wheels10”
Product Warranty1 year

The EMOVE Cruiser was designed for long-distance cycling. With an incredible 62 miles of range and a single charging period of 9 to 12 hours, you can travel to work for around 15 miles over the course of almost two weeks without ever running out of power. That’s really far away. We can appreciate a fantastic 52V 30Ah LG battery with a vast 1,560Wh capacity.

This electric scooter is renowned for its broad 10-inch deck, dual front suspension, and rear air shock suspension. This scooter type can support 352 pounds and is comfortable for most adults.

A unique anti-theft key is included with every electric scooter, including the EMOVE Cruiser. Additionally, it is water-resistant and operable at 33 degrees Fahrenheit. You may go at a peak speed of 25 MPH thanks to a 600W brushless DC motor.

A front headlight, front deck sidelights, turn signal lights, and rear brake lights are further features that make this particular kind of adult electric scooter a top pick for many riders. Front and rear hybrid hydraulic brakes are another features. A base plate, an expanded hydraulic tube, and a locking mechanism are all parts of the cushioned seat.

3. Segway Ninebot ES2  

Segway Ninebot ES2
Top Speed15.5 miles per hour
Maximum Range15.5 miles
Weight27.6 pounds
Motor Power300 w
Size Of Wheels8”
Product Warranty1 year

From producing solely massive hoverboards with handlebars, Segway has gone a long way. The Segway Ninebot ES2 KickScooter is an intelligent and cost-effective solution for riders looking for an electric scooter with a seat. This scooter folds with a single click and charges in 3.5 hours, making it easy to take on public transit or store in a vehicle.

The Segway Ninebot ES2 KickScooter boasts electric scooter safety measures that guard against overheating and overcharging and is available in a silver-gray body that adds a stylish touch. It includes mechanical and electronic brakes, front LED lighting embedded into the vehicle, front and rear shock absorption, and more. Because of its design, even a little moisture won’t depress you.

It falls short of the two choices above, with a 15.5 mph peak speed and a 15.5-mile range (at best), but it’s relatively reasonable, so it could be a good choice if you’re on a tight budget.

4. Mercane WideWheel Pro  

Mercane WideWheel Pro
Top Speed26 miles per hour
Maximum Range22 miles
Weight54 pounds
Motor Power1000 w
Size Of Wheels8”
Product Warranty1 year

The Mercane WideWheel PRO will persuade you to rethink your belief that you can’t use an electric scooter off-road. It’s a challenging scooter for users who enjoy the outdoors but want to avoid dealing with a bicycle since it has four-inch-wide tires and can climb inclines of roughly 30 degrees.

Along with a bell and a kickstand, this seated electric scooter also includes cruise control for paved surfaces. It’s an adult electric scooter with a range of about 22 miles, which is impressive given the somewhat hefty price, but it still needs more.

The twin motor arrangement has a max output of 1600W and provides excellent acceleration. The tires are sturdy and 8 inches in diameter, requiring little maintenance. This should be more than adequate for most riders, with a maximum load of 264 pounds.

5. Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter  

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter
Top Speed15 miles per hour
Maximum Range10 miles
Weight20 pounds
Motor Power250 w
Size Of Wheels9”
Product Warranty3 years

The Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter boasts an updated design with amenities like a seat for adults (or adolescents who wish to relax) and the robust appearance that many riders will remember from the Razor scooters of the early 2000s.

This Razor scooter has a single-speed, chain-driven motor and an all-steel chassis. It also has bigger pneumatic tires up front and back, contributing to its steady riding. This model is incredibly simple for adults and children to drive, thanks to a hand-operated rear brake and a twist-grip throttle for acceleration.

The battery life on a single charge is roughly 40 minutes, which is ideal for whizzing around the block or to a friend’s house. The Razor E300S, which has a weight capability of 220 pounds, is a perfect option for youngsters and teenagers to escape without traveling very far.


More individuals are using electric scooters to travel, whether they want a vehicle that can manage long distances or a convenient, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly option. The comfort and adaptability of a design with a seat make it appealing to a wide range of adults.

If you can add a basket or baggage rack as needed, you effectively have a car at your disposal with superior fuel efficiency. Parking is also more straightforward. An electric scooter with a seat just needs a small section of pavement, a sidewalk, and a solid lock to keep your vehicle secure.

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