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Email Keeps Stopping Or Crashing On My Phone – What Do I Do?

Email Keeps Stopping Or Crashing On My Phone - What Do I Do?

When it comes to mailing, one of the commission issues smartphone users face is that their email keeps stopping. Many users have noticed that their email client either crashes or freezes completely.

So far, many causes for such issues have been identified and fixed. However, new reasons always crop up frequently. As a smartphone user, there are only a few steps that you can take to resolve this issue.

Therefore, to help you get back to mailing, I have explained nine methods to solve this issue. Keep on reading to learn them all!

How To Fix The “Email Keeps Stopping Or Crashing” Issue?

There can be various reasons why email keeps stopping on your phone. There are multiple causes for this, ranging from bugs, outdated software, cache memory overloads, and faulty installations.

If your email is not syncing or your Gmail app crashing, various ways exist to solve this issue. However, I have only identified eight methods to fix the “email keeps stopping” issue. Keep on reading to learn what they are, and follow my instructions exactly as I have explained below:

1. Force Stop The Email App You Are Using

Your apps will not usually shut down or leave other services active when you close them. Sometimes, you can close the program via the Android Settings app.

You may take the following steps to force an app to shut down your email client if your email keeps stopping on Android phone:

To force stop the Email app on Android devices, here is what you need to do:

  1. First, you should open your phone’s settings.
  2. From the drop-down option, choose Apps & Notifications.
  3. Next, you should show all applications to see every open app.
  4. Tap an application to force it to shut off.
  5. From the drop-down option, choose Force Stop.
  6. To confirm your selection, click OK.

To force stop the Email app on iOS devices, here’s how you can do so using the Home switch:

  1. You may close applications using a feature on iPhones. By pressing the Home Button
  2. Double-click on the Home button to view your most frequently used applications.
  3. Navigate to the app you want to close by swiping left or right.
  4. Swipe up on the preview card to exit the app.

I used this method once to check whether my email app keeps stopping or not after doing so.

2. Restart Your Device

Everyone is aware that rebooting an Android device often resolves issues. Also, this could fix the issue if your email stopped working.

  1. Restart your Android phone by following the steps below to fix the issue.
  2. The Power Down option will display on the screen once you press and hold your smartphone’s “Power” button.
  3. Click here and choose “Restart.”
  4. Confirm the steps to restart your smartphone.

3. Update Your Email App

One of the best ways to ensure that all your smartphone apps work perfectly is by keeping them up-to-date. Therefore, depending on which OS you use (Android or iOS), you must go to the store page to check whether new updates are available.

If an update is available, simply click the Update option on PlayStore or App Store to update your email client.

4. Uninstall Your Email App

Sometimes, due to faulty installation and bugs, you might need to uninstall your email client to ensure that the “email keeps stopping” You can resolve the issue.

Therefore, open the Store page of your email client (from Play Store or App Store) and click on Uninstall. Next, you can download the app back again.

5. Log Out Of Your Email Account To Clear The Cache

If the email keeps stopping, you should clear its cache and data. This will fix any damaged data in the Email client and improve how it runs.

Follow the instructions below to clear your Email app’s cache and data.

  1. In Settings, choose Storage.
  2. On the following list, tap the entry for Apps. Your phone will then display a list of the currently installed apps.
  3. Choose the cache of the program you want to delete. Choose Order by storage from the three-dot button in the upper corner to see which applications use the most storage.
  4. On the app’s information screen, select Clear Cache.

6. Clear All Email App Data

Wiping your data after clearing the email app’s cache often helps solve the email keeps stopping issue. The only difference between the approaches is that precise data is chosen instead of a clear cache.

If the Email app on your Android device continues crashing, you should clear its cache and data. This will fix any damaged data on your Email client and improve how it runs. Therefore, follow the instructions below to remove your Email app’s cache and data.

  1. Go to “Apps” or “Application Management” in the “Settings” menu.
  2. Now find and launch an email app.
  3. After that, choose “Storage.”
  4. Then, select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” to empty the cache.
  5. Press on OK to finish.

7. Uninstall All Updates Regarding Android System Webview

Android OS uses WebView, a more condensed version of Chrome. You can open links without leaving your app using it. This indicates that WebView will launch whenever you enter an URL inside an app, much like the app’s built-in browser.

Specific applications might not support it. This is why specific app URLs load in Chrome instead of the actual app. To solve the “email keeps stopping” issue, here’s what you8 need to do:

  1. This problem has no universal solution because the uninstallation procedure differs depending on the Android phone and version.
  2. With different devices, there are a few ways to remove Android System Web-view.
  3. To access the Android System WebView, first, go to Settings. There, navigate to Application Manager.
  4. Finally, click on App Info to open it.
  5. Now, look for the three horizontal lines that represent the options menu. Colicko n it and select the Uninstall option.

8. Restart Your Device In Safe Mode

An error code or a malfunctioning email account might result from a bug in your installed application. You can find the application responsible for the problem by keeping your smartphone in Safe mode.

All third-party applications are disabled in safe mode except the pre-installed Email account app. You can use the steps listed below to put the smartphone in safe mode and fix the “email keeps stopping” issue:

  1. Hold down the Power & Volume Down keys for a couple of seconds till the phone logo appears on the screen.
  2. When holding down the Down Volume button, release the Power button.
  3. Your smartphone will then start up in Safe Mode after which you will be requested to unlock it.
  4. To check if Safe Mode is enabled, look for the Safe Mode letters inside the bottom left corner of the display.
  5. Check if the issue has been fixed by immediately opening the Email app. If the problem is fixed, the installed app probably contains a bug.
  6. Keep in mind the software you just installed, and remove it immediately.

Now, Your Emails Will Reach Faster Than Before!

If your email keeps stopping, then fret not. The methods I have explained above can be used to solve almost all issues with your email client or application.

I hope this article helped you resolve all issues with your email app on your smartphone. If any of them worked better for you, let me know in the comments below. In addition, if you know of any other methods to solve this issue, feel free to share them in the comment section below!

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