How To Connect AirPods to Chromebook? Step-By-Step Guide

how to connect Airpods to Chromebook

While AirPods are an Apple accessory, they may nevertheless connect to other devices wirelessly. AirPods are convenient to connect to any of your Apple devices, including your MacBook and iPhone. However, you can connect them to your Google Chromebook just as easily as any other wireless headphones or speakers, so here we will talk about how to connect Airpods to Chromebooks.

If you want to know how to connect Airpods to Chromebooks, well the easy way is by pairing them with the devices using Bluetooth. You must ensure that your Bluetooth settings are turned on and ready to link to get started on this. You can get your hands on these details on your Chromebook’s bottom right corner.

How To Connect Airpods To Chromebook?

Connecting your AirPods to the Chromebook seems easy, but it isn’t as smooth as it sounds with other laptops except for Apple. On the contrary, Chromebook is designed to connect with several kinds of wireless devices through Bluetooth, including Apple AirPods. So, let’s check out the steps of how to connect Airpods to Chromebook:

Step 1: Click On The Network Option

This is the first step of how to connect Airpod pros. In the lower right corner of your Chromebook, you’ll see the network symbol. This is adjacent to the digital clock and the percentage of your battery. 

Click on that option. When you select this icon, you’ll see several options for Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi, alerts, and more.

Step 2: Turn On The Bluetooth

Now, make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on. Click the little arrow next to the Bluetooth option and toggle between “Off” and “On.” Switch the toggle button from black to blue if your Bluetooth is deactivated. 

If you want to know how to connect airpods to a Chromebook, this is the essential step.

Step 3: Search For Nearby Devices

Once you turn on the Bluetooth, it will automatically begin its search to find nearby pairing devices. So, naturally, you will see Airpods appearing automatically on that list. 

So, just click on that option, and press the connect button if you want to know how do you connect AirPods to a Chromebook.

Step 4: Look For Airpods

It may happen that your Airpods don’t appear on the Bluetooth list  automatically. So, are you wondering how to connect your airpods to your Chromebook? Don’t worry. 

Click on the tiny button located at the backside of your Airpod case. Wait for a few seconds, and the option will appear on your Bluetooth list in no time. 

Step 5: Connect With Bluetooth

Next to the headphone icon, you will see the Airpod icon. Click on that option. Soon, a popup will come with the notification of paired devices, and it will help pair your Airpods. 

Now, all you have to do is adjust your headphone volume with your Chromebook volume, and you are all set on how to connect Airpods to the Chromebook.

Step 6: Confirm The Settings

A small popup will appear on the screen, asking you to confirm the pairing setting now. When I wanted to know how to connect my airpods to my Chromebook, sometimes, I overlooked this step. So you just have to confirm the settings now, and if you want, you can also remove the settings later.

Why Won’t My Airpods Connect To My Chromebook?

I faced the same problem. When I was looking for how do I connect my AirPods to my Chromebook answers, I found a few suggestions but couldn’t connect them. Even several customers have experienced problems getting them to function correctly. 

Apple Airpods are designed to operate with Apple computers, but they may also be used with various other devices. Whether you’re using a Google Pixelbook Go or an HP Chromebook, Chromebooks can cause errors while connecting to the Airpods. 

So, if you face this problem, we have a few solutions for you on how to connect AirPods to Chromebook without any errors:

#Fix 1: Turn Off Bluetooth On Other Devices

If your AirPods aren’t connecting to your Chromebook, make sure Bluetooth is switched off on your MacBook, iPhone, or any other device. Sometimes, when different gadgets have their Bluetooth turned, Airpods from connecting to other devices like Chromebooks.

#Fix 2: Use A Different Bluetooth Gadget

You may also connect to your Chromebook with another Bluetooth device, which will reveal whether your Chromebook has problems or not. Now, if your Chromebook can link to those other Bluetooth devices, it should connect to your AirPods as well. 

Many people who couldn’t get their AirPods to connect to the Chromebook tried connecting it to another device first. Then, retrying the Chromebook connectivity with AirPods solved their problem.

#Fix 3: Reset Your Airpods

Another option is to reset the Airpods by putting them in their case, shutting it down, and pressing the case’s pairing button for approximately 15 seconds. The light within the Airpod case should blink amber and green. 

It will indicate that your AirPods have been reset. Once they are set, you may attempt connecting them with your Chromebook once again.

#Fix 4: Enable Newblue

Since you already know how to connect Airpods to Chromebooks, you may face a new problem after connecting it. What will you do if your Airpods are connected but are not playing any audio? You can try to make your Airpods louder, but that won’t solve the problem. 

So, you might be able to fix this problem by activating Newblue. It is a Bluetooth stack that you can enable from beneath Chrome operating system flags.

Go to your chrome, and type the command ‘//flags/#newblue.’ Select the enable option, and restart your Chromebook, now. If you want to know how to connect Airpods to Chromebooks without errors, this solution will be helpful.

#Fix 5: Reconnect One Of The Airpods

Your Airpods may be connected to your Chromebook, and it plays the audio too, but the audio in each ear is out of sync. How will you solve it then? First, you may cover one or both AirPods to lose connection, which will solve the problem. The Airpods will then pair once again and should get in sync.

We have a different solution in this context too. You can put one AirPod inside the Airpod case for 10-15 seconds before putting it back in your ear. This approach also disconnects one of the Airpods and reconnects them again. It also resolved the out-of-sync audio problem.

Wrapping It Up

Connecting your Airpods with other Apple products is the best solution, but if you want to connect them with Chromebooks, you can. That’s why in this article, we have shared tips on how to connect Airpods to Chromebooks. If you apply these solutions, most probably, your connectivity issue will disappear. For more queries, keep in touch with us through the comment section.

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