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Reading Apps

The way we read books has drastically changed and no longer remained conventional. In the good old days, fellow readers would purchase and collect books to keep them on shelves where they could be seen and touched. However, with the advancement of technology, reading has never been easier.

Some book addicts opt for e-books to cut down on the dust and clutter. Additionally, these reading apps provide exciting features you cannot miss out on. For example, specific platforms allow free sampling titles to preview the content of the books that you have your eyes on.

On top of that, these apps also allow you to access certain books from the library for free! A total steal for book lovers out there.

Top 5 Reading Apps For Bibliophiles

Some reading apps work without Wi-Fi as well, so even if you are offline, you can still read the books you want.

Be it fiction by Stephen King and Rick Riordan or fiction by Michelle Alexander and Rebecca Sloot, we have a list of the best reading app you can install on your Android phone or tablet.

1. Amazon Kindle App

Amazon Kindle App

You cannot beat the Amazon Kindle, as it is an all-time favorite for fellow readers. It is the go-to electronic reader for amazing fans as it gives you access to millions of excellent books, magazines, and newspapers.

Also, the good news for those who do not want to splurge or are on a tight budget, you do not have to purchase a new device as you do not have to use a Kindle device to utilize this app. Furthermore, this Kindle app is free for Android and iOS users and can be accessed via Google Play or App Store.

Some of the convenient features are that it enables the option for you to sync your last read page across all your devices. Other than that, you can also highlight phrases and make notes if you prefer to. Additionally, Wikipedia is also accessible if you need to look up or find information while reading.

2. Kobo Books

Kobo books are also one of the top leading contenders when it comes to reading apps. It provides a wide range of options to choose from and allows you to be a part of a more significant community where you share your passion.

This feature is introduced as “Reading Life”, where you can talk about books, quotes, and issue notes with friends, making it the warm, welcoming community it is. From the millions of titles it has in store, you can always download and access them offline.

Once you purchase the eBook or the audiobook, it will automatically appear in your library, enabling you to enjoy them anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, you can also sync your reading materials across all of your devices and change the interface into a dark mode for a more comfortable nighttime reading.

Some book addicts opt for e-books to cut down on the dust and clutter

3. Audible

Audible is one of the more unique choices in this line-up. This app is unique because it only offers audiobooks, making it more inclusive for the visually impaired community. Furthermore, specific individuals also prefer to switch between reading and listening, hence why this is the perfect app for them.

This app allows you to stream e-books while acquiring streaming credits and exclusive podcast access. As an Amazon subsidiary, Audible provides two free credits throughout the trial period to existing Prime members to give the members a chance to experience the app to its full potential.

You might feel that you are cheating on an actual book or consider Audible an expensive distraction from the written word. But you can never be too sure before you try it.

One of the many perks of Audible is that you can always listen to narrations on the go while you are commuting, working out, or even when you feel too lazy to read. This is what makes the Audible membership worth it.

4. Wattpad

Amazon Kindle App

Wattpad can be considered a beginner reading app as it is ideal for those without much tech knowledge. However, not only is this a reading app, but you can also contribute as a writer yourself. So, for those who are longing to express their creative writing talent, Wattpad is the app for you.

This platform features some fascinating options as well. For example, you can switch the text and browser color to match your specific preference and the font size to make reading more comfortable for your eyes.

Adding to that, this app is all about providing simplicity to its users. You can search for new collections via book codes or an internal browser. You will also be given a curated list of new and upcoming authors or suggestions from the community.

5. FBReader

FBReader is one of the most excellent reading apps accessible to Android and iOS users. Still, you can also find this service on Mac, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even Blackberry, making it a universal application. With its versatility, there is no limit to where you can read.

This app also supports several e-Book formats, which is why many readers prefer to utilize this app. FBReader also organizes your library according to the title or the author for trouble-free browsing, and you can read in up to 34 languages.

There are also many functionalities for you to explore. Synced reading position, bookmarks, adjustable size and fonts, and Google cloud-based storage are just some of the features, to name a few. The great news is that it’s free, making it accessible to students and those on a tight budget.

It’s simpler than ever to rediscover the pleasures of reading in the digital era with the most fantastic eBook reader software. So, you don’t have to lug along heavy magazines and books on your daily commute to and from work, as you will not even require your eReader device. Instead, the finest eBook reader software on your smartphone allows instant access to all the literature you wish to read.

eBook apps are one of the most acceptable methods to improve your reading experience quickly. Why buy another gadget when you can keep your books on your phone? If you use this recommendation list, you should expect a wonderful experience reading your favorite publications on your iPhone or Android smartphone.


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