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Want A New Smart Lock? Here Are 2024’s Ten Smartest Locks!

Smart Lock

Since the first smart lock came out, people have been going crazy about these modern, futuristic locks. Smart locks have many great features that make your house more secure than ever.

This is possible because, unlike standard lock-and-keys, which can be broken with a crowbar, smart locks are sturdier – and require your fingerprint, voice command, or passkey to open the door!

Moreover, with the growing use of IoT devices for home automation, a smart lock has become necessary in 2024. However, with so many smart locks in the market, which protects you and your house the best?

Therefore, to buy a smart lock, read this post to learn about the ten smartest smart locks!

Choosing The Best Smart Lock: My Consideration Factors

Choosing The Best Smart Lock: My Consideration Factors

To select the ten smartest smart locks in 2024, I had to consider some essential factors to narrow down my choices. Therefore, here are three factors I kept in mind while looking for the smartest smart lock for you (and me):

1. Installation

Firstly, it must be easy to install regardless of which smart lock you buy. Therefore, it must not be a convoluted mess that takes multiple technicians and three days to install. Moreover, if you can install this on your door alone, it will get bonus points for convenience!

2. Compatibility

To make a smart lock more accessible, it must be compatible with other smart home networks. Therefore, it must be compatible with voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri!

Additionally, it has a home security network and app (like the August Home app).

3. Accessibility

Regarding its accessibility, an excellent smart lock must have different means of unlocking the door. Therefore, it must be unlockable using a physical key, voice command, fingerprint, keypad passcode, smartphone app, and more!

Ten Best Smart Locks You Can Buy In 2024!

1. Aqara Smart Lock U100

Price: $130 (Amazon)

The Aqara Smart Lock U100 is one of the best smart locks you can buy in 2024. If you are an ardent user of Apple Home devices, this will be the best smart lock.

This smart lock provides you with two ways of entry. One way is to use your fingerprint to let you enter your house. Therefore, you save your fingerprint on the lock once and are all set. Moreover, you can store up to 50 fingerprints so your closest friends and family can enter!

However, there’s also a second way of entry – the Apple Home app. This app allows you to simply tap on your iPhone screen while standing outside your door to unlock it automatically! The Apple Home app also lets you unlock the door to let others in while you are elsewhere!

Moreover, this smart lock is compatible with Aqara smart home devices, such as Alexa and Google Home. Therefore, you can easily sync it with the Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub, letting you sync it with Aqara Video Doorbell G4.

2. August Home Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

Price: $170 (Amazon)

The August Home Wi-Fi Smart Lock quickly became one of the most popular – and best – smart locks. With the launch of this 4th generation of smart locks, it became better.

I like this smart lock because it can easily fit inside your door’s deadbolt. Moreover, installation takes only ten minutes, which I appreciate since easy installation is one of my primary considerations!

Furthermore, this is the best smart lock for keyless entry since you can easily open it with the August Home app. Therefore, download the app, connect your smart lock, and open your door from anywhere! I could open my door while sitting in my office whenever someone else wanted permission to enter my house!

3. August Home Smart Lock + Connect

Price: $165 (Amazon

August Home smart locks are excellent at delivering hands-free experiences, and the August Home smart lock with Connect is the pinnacle of their peak.

While being almost the same as the 4th Gen August Smart Home Wi-Fi Lock above, this one has some extra bells and whistles.

For example, you can set up unique passkeys for different house members. Moreover, you will get automatic notifications regarding who used a passkey to unlock the door to your August Home app.

Furthermore, it has an auto lock and unlock feature where if you have your smartphone internet active, the door will automatically unlock itself when you approach it without you doing anything!

Additionally, it works seamlessly with voice recognition if you have other smart home devices like Google Home devices or Alexa!

4. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Price: $199 (Amazon

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is one of the top contenders for the best smart lock in 2024, along with the three options above.

This smart lock is one of the most versatile, thanks to its 8-in-1 keyless entry feature. Therefore, it allows you to unlock your door using your fingerprint, smartphone, web portal, eKey, smartwatch, mechanical key, on-lock keypad, and auto-unlock sensor! You can also unlock the door using voice commands if you have Alexa or Google Home!

Moreover, installation is effortless since you can DIY with a screwdriver to replace your current deadbolt!

5. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Price: $229 (Amazon)

The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt is one of the most retro-looking smart locks you can buy in 2024.

This smart lock automatically connects to your home’s Wi-Fi so that you can easily integrate with your smart home hub. Therefore, you can control this device by combining it with the Schlage Home app or Alexa and Google Home.

Additionally, you can unlock your door by typing the access codes on the lock’s keypad. Moreover, you can store up to 100 different access codes for others, each unique. Furthermore, if you connect this smart lock with your Schlage Home app, you will get notifications stating who unlocked your door!

In addition, this Schlage smart lock has an inbuilt alarm that rings loud if someone tries to unlock your door forcefully!

6. Schlage Encode Plus

Price: $259 (Amazon)

Schlage Encode Plus is an enhanced version of Schlage Encode Smart. Both have the same features, with this smart lock having a different, more modern design and some additional features.

First, Schlage ditches the retro design of Schlage Encode Smart for a modern look. Moreover, this smart lock is more durable, which is evident because of its professional durability test ratings.

You can also use smart keys saved in your Apple Home app. Therefore, you can simply tap the screen of your iPhone and unlock the door once you are in its vicinity!

7. Yale Assure Lock 2

Price: $209 (Amazon

The Yale Assure Lock 2 is a sturdy smart lock with many great features. There are multiple ways to unlock the door, like voice assistant, keypad (code), Yale Access app, and Auto-unlock (sensor).

Moreover, this smart lock has a nifty auto-lock and unlock feature that automatically opens and closes the door once you approach it. It’s able to do so since it has built-in motion sensors!

However, this smart lock isn’t compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home. It’s only compatible with Yale Access.

8. Lockly Vision Smart Lock And Video Doorbell

Price: $409 (Amazon

This Lockly Vision smart lock is the most expensive product on this list. This smart lock and video doorbell are integrated with the same device to serve both functions.

A smart camera lets you see who’s knocking on your door. Therefore, when you use the Lockly Home app, you can see and communicate with your visitor! Additionally, it stores live video of your conversations with your visitors inside its detachable 32GB microSD card.

Moreover, this smart lock has the Second Gen 3D fingerprint scanner that scans your fingerprint (in under 0.3 seconds) and opens your door (in under 0.5 seconds)! Furthermore, you can unlock the door in two other ways – using your Lockly physical key or typing your keycode in its peek-proof Genie keypad.

9. Lockly Secure Plus

Price: $249 (Amazon)

If you think the smart lock above is too expensive, I recommend buying the Lockly Secure Plus. This lock is the same as the above, minus its video doorbell camera feature.

Therefore, this is just like any other smart lock. You have three ways to unlock it: using your fingerprint, keypad code, or physical key. Moreover, you can store up to 99 different fingerprints!

In addition, you can use the Lockly app to monitor who’s entering and exiting in real-time. However, this lock isn’t compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Home.

10. Level Bolt Smart Deadbolt Lock 

Price: $161 (Amazon)

The Level Bolt Smart Deadbolt Lock is the final entry on this list of the ten best smart locks in 2024. This is an effortless lock that you can fit into your existing deadbolt and make smarter!

This lock prioritizes keyless entry since there are two ways of unlocking it. You can use your voice (recognizable with its compatibility with Apple Home’s Siri) or the Level Home smartphone app. However, it’s not compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Moreover, this lock is sturdy since it’s made with a 6-stage stainless steel gearbox!

Conclusion: Smarter Locks, Lesser Worry

If you plan to buy a new smart lock, these are the ten best smart locks you can buy in 2024. I recommend purchasing smart locks from established brands like August, Ultraloq, and Yale. Moreover, remember my selection criteria when checking out different smart locks!

Thanks for reading this post! If you need any assistance, please comment below!

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