5 Must-Have Gears For Freelancers


Many perks come with being a freelancer. Aside from getting to work for themselves without a boss pressuring them, they also get to determine their work-life balance, have flexible hours, and many more.

These benefits make freelancing appealing, and many people may have considered doing freelance as a career path at some point in their lives.

Checkout Five Best Items For Freelancers:

As a freelancer, you get to work virtually anywhere in the world and places as you see fit for your work environment, even your home. With that in mind, you should prepare the right gear for your freelance work. Here are the must-have items for freelancers:

1. Desktop Computer Or Laptop

Desktop For Freelancer

This is the most important piece of equipment that every freelancer should have. Nowadays, you will do most of the work on a computer or laptop, whether in article writing, graphic design, video editing, or many others. Whatever work you do, odds are it will be on your computer or laptop.

A computer or laptop is also a technology that connects to the internet, where you can access the necessary information. You cannot do anything without a computer or a laptop, and other devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, can only do so much.

Every laptop is different from one other, depending on what you will use it for. If you are doing simple tasks that only require Microsoft Office, then you only need a computer that is enough to run Microsoft Office applications or other similar apps.

But if you need to do graphic design projects and animation, you would need a computer with more specs to ensure that the software you use runs properly. A slow computer configuration would lag, and you would not be able to get any work done. So, you need to get the right computer or laptop for your freelance field.

2. Internet Connection Or Portable Wi-Fi

benefits of freelancing

Having an internet connection is also a necessity that is unavoidable for freelancers. One of the benefits of freelancing is that you get to work remotely without meeting your clients in a physical setting.

However, having that benefit requires access to an internet connection for more effective communication. So, having an internet connection for your freelance work is a must.   

If you already have the internet at home, then your internet speed would be the only thing you would have to think about. As a freelancer, getting the fastest internet speed is recommended as you can work more efficiently. Though, this depends on your financial situation.

If you are going to work outside of your home, consider getting portable Wi-Fi, which is flexible and convenient when you commute from one place to another. Using public Wi-Fi has its issues, especially concerning security. Having portable Wi-Fi is a big help with security issues that come with using public Wi-Fi in cafes.

3. Earphones or Headphones with a Microphone

 Headphones For Freelancer

When you do freelance work, sometimes you need to voice call for several reasons, especially with a client. In preparation for this, you would need headphones and a mic, especially in a location where loud noise is prevalent such as a cafe.

There are headphone options that you can go for. Some headphones need a separate set of microphones, or you can use earphones with a microphone built into them. Either option works, or it depends on your personal preference. 

If your budget allows it, we recommend getting high-quality headphones. In this way, you can keep your headphones from breaking. Also, you can use headphones more than just for a voice call. You can also use it for a voice recording or even karaoke in your free time.

4. Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones For Freelancer

It is common today for everyone to bring mobile phones with them all day. This is because mobile phones are our primary form of communication, and you would most likely use them to communicate with someone.

However, for a freelancer, a mobile phone can function more than just communication, especially when you have a smartphone. Aside from being used as a form of communication, you can also use smartphones for productivity, especially when there are many free apps.

The best thing about smartphones is that they can be the best alternative for your freelance work should you not have access to your computer or laptop. Since cloud technology came into existence, you can sync your files and other essential documents from your computer or laptop to your smartphone.

In this way, you have access to the same files as you have from your computer or laptop. If your smartphone permits it, you can also do some simple graphic design and video editing if you need it. All in all, you can do many things with a smartphone.

5. Charging Port or Portable Battery Charger

Finding a charging port is important when you do freelance work outside your home. When you do your freelance work, you will most likely use your laptop constantly, which can drain its battery.

Even if you ensure that your laptop’s battery is full enough for you to do work, you can never be too careful when your laptop suddenly runs out of battery when you need it the most. For this one, you need to find a place to charge your laptop, which is often available in cafes.

However, there are times when a charging port is unavailable, so it is best to have a portable battery charger in emergencies. When you need to send a vital email to your client or make some last-minute changes, using a portable battery charger to extend your laptop’s battery is enough to do just that.


Anyone can be a freelancer, but being a freelancer requires these gears. At the very least, you should have a laptop, mobile phone, and headphones with a microphone for your job, and ensure that you have the fastest internet speed possible according to your financial constraints. The gears in this list will definitely give you a head start to start your freelance work.

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