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UniConverter – User Review Of 2022


In 2022, the need for a video converter has become very important. This is because people see and share more and more video content every day. Therefore, the demand for a stable video converter has skyrocketed since the Covid pandemic. In addition, people have been looking for a video converter that can merge and trim videos.  

To make your wishes come true, Wondershare has launched UniConverter, one of the best video converters that you can download from the internet right now. In this article, you will learn about all the features of UniConverter and how you can use them to make great videos. 

What Is UniConverter?

Launched in 2019, WonderShare UniConverter has become one of the most intuitive video converters because of its user interface and design. In addition, this free-to-use video converter with a premium subscription plan allows you to do more with your videos, apart from just converting them into another format. 

UnIConverter was released by WonderShare, which created many other media-related applications like audio converters, video editors, photo editors, and much more. Therefore, this application falls under a canopy of other applications that work great together to create great media content. 

How To Download And Install UniConverter?

You can download and install UniConverter by:

  • Open your browser.
  • Search for WonderShare UniConverter.
  • Open the WonderShare official website.
  • Download UniConverter (either the Free Edition or the Premium Edition).
  • Install the downloaded UniConverter_Setup.exe file from your desktop.
  • After it gets installed, launch the application.

Features Of UniConverter

The main features of UniConverter are:

1. Convert Videos

The primary feature of UniConverter is to convert videos from one format to another. For example, you have a video in Mkv file format, but you want to send it to upload it to YouTube in mp4 file format. In such situations, a video converter like this and others like Y2Mate and YTmp3 become indispensable. 

2. Compress Videos

Let’s suppose you want to send a video to someone through WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, or any other social media platform. However, as you try to send a video, you are notified that the file is too large to be sent. So what do you do then?

This is where UniConverter comes into play. This application lets you videos using customizable settings to send them through social media platforms. However, there is a chance that the quality of the video will be compromised, as it might get pixelated due to compression. 

3. Edit Subtitles

Do you want to add or remove subtitles from a video? Then this application is perfect for you. Often we find videos where the subtitles are embedded in them. This means we cannot turn them on or off from a video player like VLC Media Player. This is where you use UniConverter to identify the subtitles in a video and remove them with a single click. 

In addition, you can also add subtitles and embed them if you wish to. For example, if you have a video where the audio is in a different language, you can add subtitles to it. Just write down the subtitles in MS Word or Notepad and then add subtitle features to embed in the video with accurate timestamps immediately.

4. Burn Videos

Burning videos refer to the process of transferring a video from your computer to a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disk. While doing so might have become obsolete now due to the use of the internet to download and share files, this feature is still available in UniConverter. 

5. Trim Videos

If you want just a specific part of the video to send to your friends or upload it as a status on Facebook or Instagram, you can do so with Uniconverter. This application can cut parts of your video and save them separately not to compromise the original recording. 

6. Edit Videos

Like any other video editor, you can edit videos and add various effects to them. In addition, you can use multiple options available to you in the application. However, these options are limited since a standalone WonderShare Video Editor, known as Filmora. Therefore, we recommend using UniConverter to make basic edits for social media uploads (reels, stories, etc.). 

7. Reframe Videos

Youn can reframe a video to make them suitable for uploads to social media channels. This is because you need to crop videos and make them available in a specific resolution to meet the upload requirements in social media platforms. Trim videos and then Crop and reframe them to make great social media reels and stories. 

8. Merge Videos

Like a video editor, UniConverter has the feature to merge multiple videos. For example, you want to create an Instagram reel that shows numerous great moments from a recent trip that you had to the mountains. Instead of using a pepper video editor, you can use this application to trim and merge parts of multiple videos and then audio to it to make a trendy Instagram reel. 

9. Change Video Background

Do you need a video with only one subject in the same place throughout but want to change the background? You can do so with UniConverter, which makes editing videos more accessible. 

For example, you want to make a video announcing something. The video has you talking directly to the camera and staying in the same place throughout. But you want to get rid of the boring white wall behind you. Here, you can use UniConverter to remove that wall and add jungles, mountains, and many other crazy backgrounds to suit your needs. 

UniConverter – User Reviews

Now that you have seen the plethora of features that UniConverter provides, you must be thinking, what makes it better than its competitors? Well, many users have given reviews that give us the pros and cons of using this application:


1. Lots Of Features

The most glaring benefit of using UniConverter is to get access to its many features. While there are many other video converters in the market like 4k Video Downloader, Freemake Audio Converter, Convertio, and many more, none of them provide as many features as UniConverter. Most other converters only provide conversion features. But UniConverter delivers so much more, even acting as an mp3 converter

2. Supports Multiple Video Formats

UniConverter supports multiple video formats like mp4, Mkv, Avi, 3gp, MOV, m4v, WMV, and many other formats. So if you want to convert your video to another format, rest easy knowing that it will be doable using UniConverter.

3. Regular Updates

UniConverter gets regular updates, often faster and more frequently than many other video converters. This lets WonderShare solve issues with the application like bugs and glitches getting patched out frequently, assuring that you get the maximum value out of this application.

4. Interusability With WonderShare Applications

WonderShare has many other applications, like the famous Filmora video converter. Therefore, you can use many of these applications in tandem with each other. For example, you can edit videos in Filmora and then import the edited files to UniConverter to convert them to your required format.

5. Supports Multiple Languages

UniConverter supports more than ten languages, from Japanese to even Spanish. Therefore, no matter what language you are comfortable with, you can easily set this application to that language.

6. Available In Multiple Platforms

This application is available in both Windows and Mac. Therefore, you can download and start using this application on your Windows PC, as well as on your Macbook Pro.


Unintuitive Pricing

While many other converters are paid, UniConverter has both options. This application has a free version that lets you convert video and other features. However, you need to subscribe to the premium version, available in three different subscription models, to unlock all of its features.

However, the prices of the subscription plans are too high. Also, many of its features are still not available in the paid version, where you need to pay an extra $5 to unlock them every month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is WonderShare UniConcverter Safe?

UniConverter is entirely safe to use since it is available in Windows and macOS. If you download this application from the official website, viruses will never enter your desktop. 

Q2. Is UniConverter Really Free?

UniConverter is a partially free application. This means that some of the basic features of the application are free for use, while advanced features require you to pay for the premium version. 

Q3. Is WonderShare Free To Use?

All WonderShare applications all have free and paid versions. 

Q4. How Much Does UniConverter Cost?

UniConverter has a free version with limited features. Its full version is paid and has three subscription plans. They are:
Quarterly Plan – $29.99
Annual Plan – $39.99
One-Time Purchase – $59.9


If you are looking for an excellent video converter, then WonderShare’s UniConverter has got you covered. This easy-to-use converter with loads of great features is one of the best in the market right now. It comes with a free version with limited features to try out the applications. Unlike other video converters, this lets you edit, trim, merge, compress, resize, and do lots more with videos. However, its pricing will be unintuitive for most users. 

If you want to know more about other such applications, share this article with your friends and check out our other articles too!

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