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The Best Google Home Devices For Smarter Homes In 2024!

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Everybody wants a smart home now. Everyone wants to control every device around them with just their voice commands. It makes life easy. However, if you are not buying Google Home devices, you are doing smart home automation incorrectly. 

As the name suggests, every IoT-based smart home device made by Google falls under its Google Nest series of devices. Therefore, if you have heard of Amazon’s smart home devices, such as its Echo devices, think of this as Google’s answer to Amazon Echo

As expected, these devices use your home’s Wi-Fi and Google Assistant as your voice assistant. Therefore, all you must do is say, “Hey Google!” following it up with whatever command you want. It can be something like “turn on the lights” or “play Enter Sandman by Metallica” – it can do everything for you. 

Therefore, are you ready to make your house as smart as you are? If yes, read this post till the end to learn about the best Google Home devices you must use in 2024.  

The Best Google Smart Devices In 2024!

Google Home devices are excellent smart devices that help make your house smarter and modern. However, do you know which ones you must buy in 2024? 

If not, here are the best Google Home devices for smart homes in 2024! 

1. Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Price: $99 (Amazon

The Google Nest Hub is the perfect alternative to the Amazon Echo Show. It’s a small and compact touchscreen display that acts as the control hub for all your Google Home devices.

Therefore, it lets you control all other Google Home devices nearby. This enables you to see the status of each device, like their battery charge and all their notifications. Moreover, it has incredible voice and language recognition in multiple languages! 

However, the best aspect of using Google Nest is its powerful smart speaker, a decent replacement for Google Nest Audio. While it might not be as good as Nest Audio, it still packs punchy bass for a speaker of its size and shape. 

Additionally, it has an inbuilt tool that can track your sleep! This lets you automatically get reports about your sleep cycle and tips on fixing it! 

Therefore, Google Home devices like Google Nest also serve as your alarm clock. In addition, it has a front camera, which lets you video call other people! Overall, it’s one of the best Google Home devices in 2024 to control other Google Home devices!

2. Google Nest Doorbell (Wired)

Google Nest Doorbell

Price: $179 (Amazon

What’s a smart home without smart security? If you wish to know the identity of everyone ringing your doorbell, then Google has a smart solution for you. 

The Google Nest Doorbell is a fantastic smart doorbell with a camera that lets you see everyone passing by (and through) your doorstep. However, its primary feature is to let you have a video call with the other person on your doorstep. 

Therefore, whenever someone rings your doorbell, you can check your Google Nest Hub screen to see who it is at the door. You can directly talk with them through the Nest Hub mic. 

Moreover, it has a smart subject detection system that lets it easily differentiate between humans, animals, and inanimate objects like Amazon packages on your doorstep and even passing cars and bikes! 

However, that’s not the only reason I recommend Google Home devices. It has full HDR support to record all footage in 1080p resolutions!

In addition, it also has one of the best features ever to grace a smart doorbell – Night Vision. Therefore, if kids come to honk on your doorbell as a prank, you know which parents to talk to next! 

As you might expect, it records every footage the camera records as long as it’s on. However, you are only limited to 10 hours of footage when buying it. Therefore, you must subscribe to its Google Nest Aware subscription to store footage indefinitely. 

3. Google Chromecast With Google TV (4k)

Google Chromecast With Google TV (4k)

Price: $49 (Amazon

Are you tired of seeing the same old boring channels with the dumbest shows on cable TV? Why not switch to Google Home devices like Google Chromecast with Google TV for a smarter 4k experience and additional HDR 10 support? 

This smart TV appears to be a direct competitor and alternative to Amazon Fire TV. Therefore, it lets you watch all your favorite TV shows and movies on all OTT platforms, like Netflix and HBO Max.  

Moreover, I adore the shape and overall compactness of this device. The Google TV has a small oval-like disc shape with a USB port that fits perfectly behind your TV. 

However, the Chromecast remote is the primary attraction here. Like other Google Home devices, you can command it to play what you want from your subscribed OTT platforms. Therefore, you can say, “Hello, Google! Play Breaking Bad on Netflix!” and soon be greeted by Heisenberg’s no-nonsense face! 

However, some nifty additions make it on par with the Amazon Fire TV. For example, you can ask it to play random movies based on what you have watched so far. In addition, if you are a family man, you can set up multiple profiles, including a PG-rated Kids version! 

If you have a 4k TV in your house, I recommend buying these Google Home devices to utilize their visual prowess to their limits! 

4. Google Nest Cam Indoor (2nd Generation)

Google Nest Cam Indoor

Price: $99 (Amazon

Do you wish to know what’s happening inside your house when you are away? Want to install a smart CCTV camera inside your house to record everything that goes on? If you answer yes, then the Google Nest Cam Indoor is one of the Google Home devices you must buy in 2024. 

Google Nest Cam is an excellent indoor camera with two versions – one working on a battery (wireless) and the other being a wired camera. Both are super easy to set up, and it starts recording footage as soon as it’s set up. 

The Google Nest Cam’s footage is in 1080p resolution, ensuring you never miss out on any detail. Moreover, you can see footage in real-time either using your Google Nest Hib screen or the Google Nest smartphone app. Furthermore, you can see footage using your Google TV as well! 

However, the Google Nest Cam has various security features that help you protect your house. For example, it has a motion tracker, which automatically follows the motion of anyone in its POV.

Moreover, if you subscribe to Google Nest Aware, you can get much more juice from this device. For example, you can set up face recognition for many people to get real-time notifications when they enter your house. 

Moreover, you can immediately use the smartphone app or the Nest Hub to use the camera’s loudspeaker and talk to people near the camera. Furthermore, like the Nest Doorbell, the Nest Cam Indoor also has night vision for extra vision. 

5. Google Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation)

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Price: $179 (Amazon

Do you wish to keep your indoors cozy and warm so that it feels like paradise on Earth? If so, I recommend installing your house’s Google Nest Learning Thermostat. 

This smart thermostat is easily one of the best in the market. It has an inbuilt humidity sensor that measures indoor temperature and humidity levels. In addition, you can check out more atmospheric details in real-time using the Nest Hub or the Nest smartphone app. 

However, this is one of the best smart thermostats in 2024, primarily because of its self-learning feature. Using machine learning, this device keeps track of the temperature and humidity levels you are comfortable with the most. 

Therefore, whenever it detects you entering the house (easier with the Nest Cam), it automatically changes the temperature to make it comfortable! Moreover, since it’s a smart thermostat, it switches off automatically when you leave your house! 

Bonus: Philips Hue Ambience 

Bonus: Philips Hue Ambience 

Price: $49 (Amazon

This is a bonus addition to this list since it’s an integral device for making your home smarter. Moreover, while it may not be a Google Home device, it’s compatible with the Nest Hub and can work alongside it! 

The Philips Hue lights are the best smart lights in 2024. It has 19 primary colors, which you can mix and match to get the color you want. Therefore, if you want a blue room, you can simply say, “Hey Google! Change the light color to blue!” 

In addition, since it’s compatible with other Google Home devices, you can use them to control this light. Therefore, apart from voice control, you can use the Philips Hue smartphone app or the Nest Hub to control and change the lights effortlessly! 

Conclusion: Why Have A Normal Home When You Can Have A Google Home?

These smart Google Home devices (and the Google Nest-compatible Philips Hue lights) are essential additions if you wish to live smartly. While you can use these devices individually, I recommend using them together to get the ultimate Google Hom experience. 

Thanks for reading this post! If you want more help, please comment below! 

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