What Does The Hour Glass Mean On Snap?

What Does The Hour Glass Mean On Snap

With people starting to lose interest in long-form content, short-form content has gained a mass audience. This is why social networks like TikTok have become viral over the past few years. Inspired by its popularity, even YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram have started using reels and short stories to cater to younger audiences.

In this race, Snapchat has also gained a large user base. Therefore, to keep users returning to the platform every day, snapstreaks were introduced. However, many such snapstreakers want to know what does the hour glass mean on Snap. 

If you wish to know what it means, keep reading this post. 

What Is A Snapstreak On Snapchat?

What Is A Snapstreak On Snapchat

Before learning what does the hour glass mean on Snap, you must first know what a snap streak on Snapchat.

If you use Snapchat, you know how it works, right? You click a picture or a video and send it to your friends on Snapchat. This photo or video that you send is referred to as a Snap.

When you make a new best friend on Snapchat, you tend to send them snaps daily. However, when you send snaps to a particular friend back and forth for three consecutive days, you will see a flame emoticon next to their names. This flaming emoticon represents the burning passion of your growing friendship – a snap streak!

When you keep sending and receiving snaps daily, the number beside the flame emoticon increases. Therefore, with each snap sent on each day, your snapstreak number increases. 

When you reach your 100th snapstreak (congratulations on that), the flaming emoticon will be replaced by a 100-mark emoticon. However, it will revert back to the flaming emoticon when you make your 101st snap on a streak.

How To Start A Snapstreak?

How To Start A Snapstreak

It’s pretty easy to start a snapstreak on Snapchat with your friend. To start a snapstreak, you just need to send and receive a snap to your friend every 24 hours. Then, you need to do this for three days straight to get the flaming emoticon beside your friend’s name.

However, there is a catch here that you need to learn to ensure your streak goes the right way. When you send the first snap to your friend, note the time you sent the snap. Then, you need to send another snap within the next 24 hours to get your snapstreak on. If you send the next snap after 24 hours, your snapstreak is in danger.

What Does The Hour Glass Mean On Snap?

What Does The Hour Glass Mean On Snap 1

Speaking on “your snapstreak is in danger,” Snapchat is pretty generous enough to remind you of it. Therefore, you will see an hourglass emoticon beside your friend’s name when you miss out on sending and receiving snaps to continue your snapstreak.

So, what does the hour glass mean on Snap? It simply means that your snap streak is about to end because you and your friend got lazy (not really). So, for example, if you don’t send a snap 24 hours after the previous one, your snapstreak might continue.

However, considering how busy we are with our work and daily lives, Snapchat is willing to give you another chance. Therefore, if you fail to send and receive snaps within 24 hours, an hourglass will appear beside your friend’s name. This is basically a warning to you that your snapstreak might end soon.

How To Maintain Snapstreak?

If you see the hourglass icon next to your friend’s name, it means your snapstreak is in danger. Therefore, getting back that flaming emoticon that defines your virtual friendship is essential. 

There are many ways to get back that flaming emoticon and ensure your snapstreak doesn’t end. Therefore, if you wish to maintain your snapstreak, you can:

1. Follow A Daily Snap Schedule With Your Friend

If you intend to continue a snapstreak with your friend, then you better get your schedule right. Following a daily snap schedule will help you not miss out on sending snaps. In addition, this will help you to keep the snapstreak going on without forgetting to snap daily.

A good daily schedule to send snaps would be around lunch or dinner time. If you go to school or college, then sending a snap during a lunch break can be a great time. The same can be applied to you and your friend if both of you work in an office. Sending a quick snap to each other at lunch break can avoid the dreaded hourglass symbol. 

2. Send Generic Snaps From Time To Time

Send Generic Snaps From Time To Time
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You can send a simple snap to your friend to get your streaks back in action. Snapchat will not judge your snaps. Nobody except your friend will not judge your snaps. 

Therefore, send simple selfies or random clicks to get your snapstreak going on. Selfies are some of the best ways to keep your snapstreak active. Clicking one using your front camera is easy and takes only a few seconds to do so.

Many famous snap streakers simply send a picture of the word streak at the same time to each other. This is a well-known way to send a snap to get your streak going strong without even clicking a picture!

3. Get Help From A Streaksitter

Get Help From A Streaksitter

If you wish to learn how to get snap streak back, hiring a streaksitter might be a great idea.

Snapstreaking has become necessary among Snapchat users. So naturally, the number of streaksitters has increased as well. Gen Z and Generation Alpha kids of this era have increased. It has become an easy source of income. 

A streaksitter is a person who posts snaps for people maintaining a streak. For example, you can give your account details to another person to post snaps for you. This is done specifically to keep the snapstreak ongoing between you and your friend.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Snapchatters have asked many questions related to what does the hour glass mean on Snap. The answers to some of these questions are:

Q1. Is It Worth It To Maintain A Snapstreak?

Ans: No, it’s not important to maintain a snapstreak on Snapchat. There are lots of better things to do in life. In addition, you didn’t earn any rewards for keeping a snapstreak alive.

Q2.  How Long Does The Hourglass Last On Snapchat?

Ans: So far, Snapchat has yet to provide any details regarding how long the hourglass lasts on Snapchat. However, speculations say that the hourglass symbol appears 3 hours before your snap streak is about to end.

Q3. How To Half Swipe On Snapchat?

Ans: Half-swiping is the act of reading your friend’s text on Snapchat without notifying them that you have done so. You can half swipe on Snapchat by:
➼ First, open an unread chat message on snapchat.
➼ Then, gently tap on the profile icon of your friend. 
➼ Finally, drag your finger left to right across the screen. You can read the text, but it won’t be marked as read!

Beware The Dreaded Hourglass!

So, do you now know what does the hour glass mean on Snap?

The hourglass icon signals an impending and inevitable end to your friendship with your Snapchat friend. You and your friend can send each other snaps to maintain a snapstreak. However, if you fail to do so every day, an hourglass emoticon will inevitably appear beside your friend’s name. Therefore, send each other a snap now to reset the hourglass and prevent inevitable danger!
If you want to know more, tell us what you want in the comments below. Also, check out my other posts here at Techmag News for more such guides, tips & tricks!

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