How Much Storage Does Genshin Impact Take? Fixes To Storage Error

How Much Storage Does Genshin Impact Take Fixes To Storage Error

Genshin Impact is a role-playing action game developed by miHoYo in China. The game was published by miHoYo in China and Cognosphere d/b/a HoYoverse published the game worldwide. This game can be played in Android as well as iOS, on PlayStation 4 and Windows. The game became available on PlayStation 5 quite recently in 2021.

This game features an open-world game play with anime-style characters. The game is an action-based battle system which you need to play by choosing a character and using elemental magic. You can switch your character to win battles and the game expands its open-world regularly.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game but it can be monetized through gacha games mechanics. Genshin Impact developed under Unity takes place in Teyvat, a fantasy world consisting of seven nations. All these seven nations are ruled by different gods with different elemental power.The Traveler, an adventurer who travels through space in search of his lost sibling. The game play follows this interstellar Traveler across different nations of Teyvat along with his guide, Paimon. As he travels he befriends two individuals and gets involved in the business of the nations unravelling mysteries of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact has been known by fans to take up a lot of storage on all devices, especially smartphones. Therefore, you should know beforehand how many GB is Genshin Impact.

Each Genshin Impact version on all the platforms (PC, mobile, PS4/PS5) has various file sizes. You can get more information by visiting the MiHoYo website and checking out the Genshin Impact system requirements from there. But why put so much effort when you have already started reading this post with more information?

How Much Storage Does Genshin Impact Take?

How Much Storage Does Genshin Impact Take

If you check the system requirements online, you will see that it takes a minimum of 30GB of disk space. This is true for the Genshin Impact PC version and PS versions. But how much storage does Genshin Impact take up on mobile? The Genshin Impact Android version and iOS version require a minimum of 8GB of disk space.

Here, you can see that updates over the years have doubled the file size. Consequentially, this file size will keep on increasing as new content gets added over the years through various updates.

Genshin Impact Insufficient Storage Space: Fixes To Storage Error

Genshin Impact Insufficient Storage Space Fix

Sometimes, due to less storage space, you will receive a pop-up notification saying “Insufficient Storage” while installing Genshin Impact. This happens because of the fact that you have less storage space left on your device. Here, your storage space is less than the minimum required storage space to install Genshin Impact.

Therefore, you might be wondering, how much storage does Genshin Impact take? While it takes around 65GB on PC and PS, there are various techniques you can apply to increase storage space. The same can be said for mobile devices, where it takes around 20GB.

To increase available storage space in your PC, PS, and smartphone to meet the minimum storage requirements, use these methods:

1. Change Storage Location (PC)

Change Storage Location

You know pretty well that your computer has various drives and drive partitions. Starting with Drive C, you might have various file partitions (drives D, F, and so on).

When you first try to install Genshin Impact, by default, it will be installed on your C: Drive. Here, I recommend you not install the game on this drive. C: drive is one of your most resource-intensive drives where your OS and other essential applications are installed. While this game is not “essential” for the survival of your PC (it depends on how hardcore of a gamer you are), you should store it on another drive. 

Therefore, while installing this game, click on custom installation and change the installation location of this game. Change it to any other drive that has atleast 80GB+ free storage space. 

If you have already installed this game, you should reinstall the game on another drive. This can be a hassle since downloading 65GB is no joke, but it will be better in the long run.

2. Delete Unnecessary Files (PC, Mobile)

Delete Unnecessary Files

Deleting unnecessary files is a great way to free up a lot of storage space. Most computer users do not have any idea how much disk space is taken up by unnecessary files. These include lots of useless apps and old photos and videos that you do not wish to see anymore.

To make sore space for successfully installing Genshin Impact, you can start by deleting these files. For old photos, videos, and other files, simply go to the drive they are in and delete the file you don’t require. For smartphone users, you can simply go to your gallery and delete these old memories and dank memes one by one.

3. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications (PC, PS, Mobile)

Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

For all the platforms Genshin Impact is available in, you can uninstall other applications and games to free up space. Many applications and modern games require lots of GBs of disk space, especially all the upcoming games of 2022

For example, games like Assassins Creed Valhalla takes a whooping 130GB of disk space. Therefore, you can start by uninstalling games that you do not play anymore and games that you have already completed. Deleting these games will free up a lot of storage space.

To delete these games, you can simply open up the list of all installed apps on your device. There, you can simply click on the apps on the list to open up several options for each. Here, you will find the option to uninstall said apps, including video games. However, try not to learn how to uninstall Genshin Impact instead. 

4. Increase Storage Space (PC, PS)

Increase Storage Space

You should understand how much storage does Genshin Impact take on all devices. This will help you understand better the size of the hard disk that you need. 

Therefore, one of the most foolproof ways to ensure that you do not face the “Insufficient Storage Space” problem is to permanently increase your storage space. Unfortunately, you can do this for mobile phones since they all come up with storage options that cannot be expanded. Gone are the good old days when you could insert an SD card to increase storage space on smartphones.

Therefore, you can upgrade your storage space in your PC and PlayStation console to make more space for Genshin Impact. You have a multitude of different options for PC, where you can simply buy a new SSD or HDD storage drive to increase your available disk space.

For PlayStation users, you can do the same too by installing a PS4 or PS5 storage expansion. Here, you will need to buy an external PlayStation-supported USB 3.0 HDD and install it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Answers asked by gamers related to the question “how much storage does Genshin Impact take” are:

Q1. What Are The Genshin Impact Minimum PC Requirements?

Ans – The Gemnshin Impact minimum PC requirements are:
OS: Windows 7 and above.
Processor: Intel Core i5 and equivalent.
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030.
Memory: 8GB RAM.
Storage: 40GB.
DX Version: DX11.

Q2. What Are The Genshin Impact Minimum Mobile Requirements?

Ans – The Genshin Impact minimum android requirements are:
OS: Android 7.0 and above.
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Kirin 810.
Memory: 3GB RAM.
Storage: 16GB.

Q3. How Big Is Genshin Impact Map?

Ans – The Genshin Impact Interactive map is pretty big. Currently, it consists of four huge regions. They are:
• Mondstadt.
• Liyue.
• Inazuma.
• Sumeru.

Reviews On Genshin Impact

Here are some reviews about the game from players of the game.

  1. PM_Me_ChoGath_R34 says, “I might be in the minority here, but I’ve found that Genshin Impact is an ADHD simulator. You’ll be on your way to a quest area, but the sheer amount of ‘content’ packed between you and where you need to go can easily distract you and lead you far away from your destination.”
  2. PreferredSelection says, “When I was playing Genshin casually, I always felt like I could do things just fine with the default hero, or one of my other random pulls if the hero’s element wasn’t a good choice.

I know the game is a gacha – my boss spent thousands of dollars on the game – but I just never wanted more than my lineup. (I think I also got a little lucky – I got a decent five star and a “meta” four star pretty early as F2P.

It’s like, if I was playing Breath of the Wild and you told me that I could play as Samus Aran instead, that’d be neat? But if you told me “spend five bucks for a 0.6% chance of Samus” I’d just say eff that and keep playing the base game.”

More Storage = More Impact

However, these were the minimum requirements of the game when the game was first released back in 2020. However, numerous updates, including the addition of new content, have considerably increased the minimum storage space of this game.
In 2022 (and in 2023), the Genshin Impact size PC requirements will be around 65GB. This is for the PC and PS versions. For smartphones, the size of this game will be around 20GB.


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