Which Kinds Of Hits Does Google Analytics Track?

Which Kinds Of Hits Does Google Analytics Track

Google Analytics is one of the most important web tools for businesses in this day and age. Due to the rise of digital marketing and online classes due to the Covid pandemic, it has now become more important for most businesses to shift their trade online.

Therefore, I believe it is important for you to know about hits in Google Analytics. Hits refer to the various interactions users have with your webpage. Now, you might have a question like which kinds of hits does google analytics track? To get the answer to this question, keep on reading below.

What Are Hits In Google Analytics?

What Are Hits In Google Analytics

Since you want to learn which kinds of hits does google analytics track, you must first know what hits are.

Hits in Google Analytics refer to the various ways users have interacted with your website or webpage. In layman’s terms, every time page visitors click on the page, the data is recorded and tracked by Google Analytics. Google then determines what effect these hits have on your website and web page.

It is important for content creators and businesses to understand the importance of analyzing these user interactions. This is because the various ways users will interact with your website dictate the performance of your website.

Therefore, it is important to understand the metrics Google Analytics analyzes and records. It will help you make changes and create new content plans accordingly.

Which Kinds Of Hits Does Google Analytics Track?

If you want to learn which kinds of Hits does google analytics track, then there are seven different hits. These hits are:

1. Pageview Hits

Pageview Hits

Pageview Hits refer to the user interaction when they click on a link to open a webpage. This hit records the number of views your page has had so far. When you look at such pageview numbers, it is irrespective of whether the users have previously visited your page or not. Each time they enter, it will be recorded. Also, the device does not matter. Pageview hits record all pageviews from smartphones and computers alike.

2. Screen View Hits

Screen View Hits

Similar to pageview hits in Google Analytics, Screen view hits are recorded when the views happen inside an application.

We all know that all applications have various menus and pages in them. We click on the options and tabs as they appear on the app to view what we want. However, since these are not technically web pages, these views are instead referred to as screen views. 

It’s important for you to know this since you can understand which pages of your application users like the most. Therefore, you can optimize the features of your application and redesign its visuals to increase the user’s overall session time.

3. Event Hits

Event Hits

Event hits are broader than the other hits on this list. In Google Analytics, an event refers to each and every click made by users on your website or application. Wherever and whenever they click on the page, Google Analytics will automatically record this data and track it.

Therefore, every time the users click on links, tabs, options, and videos or images in your website or application, you can track it. This lets you know which aspects of your webpage content – the videos, pictures, backlinks, etc are liked by users the most.

4. Social Interaction Hits

Social Interaction Hits

If users like the content that you have on your websites, they will come to view it multiple times. If they really like a webpage and want others to see it, then they will always be able to share the links to your web pages. 

A user who shares your webpage with others through any medium will be counted as a social interaction hit. Learning about this metric will help you recognize the top-performing pages and topic niches on your website.

5. E-Commerce Hits

E-Commerce Hits

There are many websites that are categorized as e-commerce websites. Visitors can directly buy products from these websites by searching for their desired products and placing orders. 

However, if you have used e-commerce websites like Amazon to place orders, you will understand that there are many steps in placing an order. 

For example, on Amazon, you first search for the item, then add it to your cart. After adding one or more items to the cart, you proceed to pay and checkout. All buyer interactions are recorded and tracked here, being marked as e-commerce hits.

6. Exception Hits

Exception Hits

Sometimes, we users tend to run into unexpected errors. The most common error you can run into is “Error 404: Page Not Found.” This means that the servers are down, preventing you from accessing the website.

Even applications can run into errors at some point, probably due to various bugs and glitches. All these errors that hamper the experience of the users are collectively recorded by Google Analytics under the banner of Exception Hits.

7. User Timing Hits

User Timing Hits

The UI of your website is essential to provide a good user experience (UX). These metrics include the amount of time taken to load pages, images, embedded videos, and other elements. Publishers should always keep track of these metrics since it will help them address weak areas of their web pages. A long loading time will lead to a higher bounce rate, which will negatively affect the ranking of the web pages. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Some of the most asked questions regarding which kinds of hits does google analytics track are:

Q1. What Data Does Google Analytics Track?

Ans – Google Analytics tracks various forms of data. Some of the most important ones include:
• Average Session Durations.
• The ratio of new to returning visitors.
• Bounce rate.
• Organic keyword rankings.
• Paid keyword rankings.
• Google Ads.
• Cost per click (CPC) ratio.

Q2. What Is An Example Of A Hit Google Analytics?

Ans – Hits refer to the actions of users on your website. For example, when they click on an image or on any external links on the webpage, the action gets recorded and tracked by Google Analytics as Hits.


Now that you are done reading this article, you should know which kinds of hits does google analytics track. It is important to know which hits are tracked because it will help you understand some key factors and metrics. These elements of your web pages will help you analyze the performance of your website better.

Some of the most important hits are page views, average user sessions, event hits, sharting of webpages, and more. If you want to know more about how to analyze the performance of your websites, check out our other articles here at Techmagnews!


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