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Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing: Best Ways To Fix It

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing

You are playing your favorite game on your computer and about to defeat the mission’s boss after your 110th attempt. Or, you are watching your favorite rom-com movie, and the hero and the heroine are finally about to kiss. 

However, everything gets stuck in limbo at the wrong moment. So you finally ask yourself – why does my computer keep freezing all the time?

There are various reasons why your computer might freeze. In addition, there are various methods to fix them too. Learn more about these issues by reading this post till the end.

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing? Primary Causes

The primary causes that make you question yourself, “why does my computer keep freezing?” are:

1. Too Many Programs Are Running Simultaneously

Too Many Programs Are Running Simultaneously

Your “computer freezing randomly” issue happens because you run too many apps simultaneously. Every computer has a limit to its performance. If you have a low computer, running more than two resource-intensive tasks will likely cause your PC to crash. 

2. Insufficient RAM

Insufficient RAM

Insufficient RAM is one memory-related issue that most PC users tend to oversee. You can run into RAM issues if you have 4GB or 8GB RAM. Many apps run in the background, which you need to learn about. Pair this with apps you run, and you will know why your computer freezes randomly.

3. Overheating (Common In Laptops)


One of the most common issues that might cause you to think about why your laptop keeps freezing is overheating. When you conduct many resource-intensive tasks on your laptop, its hardware will automatically start heating up. 

Windows has an inbuilt system that records your machine’s current temperature. Once it sees that it’s becoming too hot, it automatically shuts down and reboots your system. This is why your laptop keeps freezing.

4. BIOS Update Required

BIOS Update Required

BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the basic startup program for your motherboard. This helps manage all computer tasks, including booting up your OS when you switch it on. You might have to update your BIOS from time to time when a new version gets released.

5. Faulty Peripherals

Faulty Peripherals

Sometimes, you will see that nothing happens on your screen, no matter what key you press. You might ask yourself, “why is my computer freezing randomly?”

Here, a faulty keyboard or mouse can be the issue. However, it’s difficult to know whether your PC is freezing or if your mouse cursor is not responding. Attack your peripherals with another system to check whether it works or not.

6. Malware


Another common reason you might have computer freezing issues is the presence of malware in your drives. These can come from various sources, like ads from shady websites and downloading files from third-party pirated websites. These can affect your files and OS in your C: drive, significantly slowing down your system.

7. Missing Or Corrupted Files

Missing Or Corrupted Files

Various system files in the computer are essential for your applications to run as they should. However, while deleting junk files and cache memory, you might end up deleting them accidentally. Here, .dll files are the easiest prey since they get flagged as cache memory by storage cleaners. When such files get deleted, the app associated with them might freeze (Steam.dll is still a pretty big concern).

8. Outdated Drivers

Outdated Drivers

If you see that your computer keeps freezing, it might also signal the use of outdated drivers. Most of your apps run on certain programs that require the latest driver to work perfectly. Now, if these drivers have not been updated in quite some time, you might face frequent app crashes and freezes. 

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing? Best Fixes

You can fix your “why does my computer keep freezing?” issue by following these solutions as explained below:

1. Delete Unrequired Files in C: Drive

Delete Unrequired Files in C Drive

After you uninstall applications, many residual files are left behind. These are mostly cached memory and various other files associated with other apps. Therefore, you need to check your C: drive to ensure that residual folders of uninstalled apps get deleted asap. I recommend using the app CCleaner to detect and remove these files by clicking a button.

2. Update All Your Drivers

Update All Your Drivers

One of the best ways to learn how to fix computer freezing is by updating the drivers of all the apps on your computer. You can do so by following the steps explained below:

  1. First, right-click on This PC (Windows 8+) or My Computer (Windows XP and 7). 
  2. When a lot of options pop up, click on Manage.
  3. Next, click on Device Manager.
  4. Here, you will see a list of various devices. Click on the one you want to update and then click on Update Driver Software

3. Run A Memory Check

Run A Memory Check

Your RAM can face many memory problems over time. To troubleshoot such issues, you should use the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool. To use this tool to run a memory check, you need to:

  1. Press the Windows + R keys together to open the Run tool.
  2. In the Run command, type mdsched.exe and click the Enter button.
  3. Now, you will have two options – Restart now and check for problems (Recommended) and Check for problems the next time I start my computer. Click on Restart Now.
  4. Now, the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool will run some tests. Naturally, the more your computer passes, the better it will be. For failed tests, the troubleshooter will automatically start to fix these issues.

4. Use System File Checker

Use System File Checker

If you think some of the files in your drives are corrupted, then you should assess which files are corrupt. Simply try opening them. If your Google Pixel Slate M3 is freezing or the program is not responding, it means it has become corrupted.

If your files are corrupted, then you should use the System File Checker tool if your files are corrupted. To use it, you must:

  1. Press the Windows button on your keyboard to bring up the Start menu. 
  2. Type cmd in the search box.
  3. Click the right mouse button on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.
  4. In Command Prompt, type sfc/scannow before pressing Enter.
  5. The scan will not start. After it’s done, click on Enter again to finish the process.

5. Disable Power Saving (Laptops)

Disable Power Saving

If you are facing laptop freezing issues, then it can be because you have the power saver turned on. Turning on the power saver mode causes your laptop to save its battery charge more. This is a very useful feature to have if you are outside your house and plan to save the laptop battery.

However, having this mode on means that your apps will work slower than before. Therefore, turn this mode off by clicking on the pop-up option on the right-hand side of your taskbar.

6. Mouse Not Working

Mouse Not Working

While the reasons above for why my pc keeps freezing lean a bit on the serious side of things, why not have a reason that is a bit more comic?

This issue happened to me more than once. I remember once when my mouse cursor suddenly stopped working as I was checking out Gang Beast controls. As I was flicking my mouse left and right, the mouse cursor did not move. For a moment, I thought that my laptop picture had frozen. However, as I hit the Windows button on the keyboard, the Start menu popped up!

That’s when I realized that my laptop mouse frozen was a defect in my mouse. My laptop actually did not freeze! Your only solution here is to buy a new mouse. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Computer users have asked many questions related to the question, “why does my computer keep freezing?” The answers to some of these questions are:

Q1. Can A Bad CPU Cause Freezing?

Ans – Yes, a bad CPU can cause freezing if you run the latest apps and games with it. If your processor doesn’t have enough juice, then it will not be able to run these apps.

Q2. Why Does Windows 11 Freeze So Much?

Ans – Since Windows 11 is relatively new in the market, you can expect to see a lot of bugs and glitches in the first few years of its release.

Q3. What Is The Windows Blue Screen Issue?

Ans – The Windows Blue screen (also known as a stop error), is a problem that causes your PC to shut down and restart automatically. You will get this when your PC faces various problems, like the sudden crashing of multiple system apps at once.

Unfreeze Your Computer Instantly

After reading this post so far, you now have a good idea why my computer keeps freezing. There can be various reasons for it, ranging from insufficient RAM to using many applications simultaneously.

You can fix most of these issues by updating your drivers, running a memory check and a system file checker.

Please comment below if this post helped you with your freezing issues! Also, please read our other posts and guides here at TechMagNews!


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