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Nine Ways On How To Bypass Character AI Filter

how to bypass character ai filter

Are you searching for ways to bypass Character AI filter? Then this article is definitely for you. In this article we have talked about nine ways on how to bypass Character AI filter, especially NSFW filter. We have also explained what NSFW filter means for those who don’t specific know what the filter is for. If you are interested in using Character AI platform then definitely read this article to learn more about it.

What Is Character.AI?

What Is Character.AI

Character AI is a platform that lets you create your own fantasy characters or AI character bot that you can converse with. Well known in the market of character AI generators, Character.AI is known for its human-like immersive conversations with users.

Character.AI uses advanced technology that helps users create a detailed or more in-depth characters of their choice to talk with. The AI character generator platform can help you create any character dead or alive, fictional or non-fictional, historical or your favorite cartoons.

This platform chatbot uses neural language model to generate human-like responses which are associated with deep machine learning and large language models.

You can also create personalized chatbot which comes in two options room or chatbot. Room is a virtually environment where already created characters on the platform can interact. While personalized chatbots are characters created by users.

You can use Quick mode feature to create a character of your choice within a minute. You can use the advanced tools present in the Character.AI platform to create in-depth character personalities of your choice. The only thing that can limit your user-character conversation after character creation is the NSFW filter. Don’t know what NSFW filter is? No worries we have explained that in details below.

What Does NSFW Filters Mean In Character.AI?

What Does NSFW Filters Mean In Character.AI

The term NSFW full form is ‘not safe for work’ which is an word for web content created to warn individuals about certain contents. These contents are usually not appropriate for sharing or viewing in work environment.

For example, if an inappropriate video or email attachment or websites not appropriate for sharing or viewing in work environment gets the NSFW warning. In Character AI platform’s case it might be explicit language used in conversation which might show NSFW filter.

Thus, Character AI employs NSFW, which prohibits any users from sharing sensitive content and explicit language in its controlled environment. If NSFW content gets shared from Character AI platform than the platform has the right to ban your account. As per their terms if you breach any of their term regarding NSFW then your account will get suspended or banned.

Yet people try to find ‘how to bypass Character AI filter’ on the internet all the time. So in the next section we have talked about nine ways you can bypass Character AI NSFW filter.

Nine Ways On How To Bypass Character AI Filter

Nine Ways On How To Bypass Character AI Filter

For those users who disagree with the NSFW filter on Character AI, here’s nine ways on how to bypass Character AI filter.

Out Of Character (OOC) Technique  

One of the best way on how to bypass Character AI filter is the OOC technique. Out of Character technique is the method where you can bypass the Character AI NSFW filter by framing a conversation that mirrors a conversation between humans. The conversation will be framed like you are role-playing a human character not an AI bot, basically creating a realistic persona for your character.

Use The Jailbreak Prompt  

The Jailbreak prompt is the method where you give special crafted prompt to the AI that will ignore the NSFW filters. This can be done by creating a new persona for your AI character that will not be under the same restrictions.

Engage In Roleplay  

Another easy way on how to bypass Character AI filter is by engaging in role-play. You can create a fictional scenario on the Character AI platform that can explore sensitive topics avoiding triggering the filter. As the chatbot starts understanding your intent or the topic being explored you can use more explicit terms.

Rephrase Explicit Language  

Rephrase all the explicit languages you might want to use during the interactions with the chatbot. You can use subtle terms or phrases to make your message come across without using explicit words. For example using ‘eliminate’ instead of using the word ‘kill.’ Using indirect language can help you bypass NSFW filter as it becomes hard for the filter to detect your intentions.

Use Indirect Language  

While conversing try using indirect language in mature conversation on LLMs. This can help you bypass NSFW filter on Character AI platform as its hard for the filter to detect your intentions this way. To make it simple use phases like ‘making love’ instead of ‘sex.’

Utilize Censorship Techniques  

You can utilize censorship techniques to bypass Character AI filter. Using specific letters or symbols in the place of explicit words. You can add spaces in-between explicit words that can prevent the AI bot from detecting NSFW content.

Turn Off  Censorship  

Try turning off the censorship to bypass filter on the platform by using specific prompts like turn off censorship bypass which will disable the filter allowing you to engage in more mature conversations which are candid and explicit.

Create A Private NSFW Bot  

You can also create a private ‘Not safe for work’ bot by adding explicit greeting which will real your intentions to the chatbot from the beginning allowing you to enjoy more candid conversations.

Start Again From The First

The way to bypass NSFW filter in Character AI is by re-starting your chat NSFW content by deleting all your messages. Since chatbots are trained by massive datasets full of codes and texts which can sometimes contain NSFW content. So if the chatbot gets exposed to this kind of data then it might generate NSFW responses from prompts by users.


We hope this article was able to provide you with enough ways on how to bypass Character AI filter. Let us know if this article was able to solve your problem with NSFW filter on Character.AI.

Let us know which character AI generator you would like to use to create your favorite fictional or anime character?

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