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Freemake Audio Converter

In this age of digital media, converting video into audio has become reasonably necessary. This is because many content creators in YouTube require the video or audio file of a video you have seen on youtube or any other social media platform.

In this article, we will go over the features of the Freemake audio converter. This audio converter is in high demand because it is entirely free of cost and user-friendly. This article will highlight the pros and cons of this audio converter and how this application gets used. 

What Is Freemake Audio Converter?

Freemake audio converter is an application that lets you download your favorite songs from various websites. It also allows you to convert the video from a website into audio and download it separately if you want. This audio converter is available for free of cost on their official website. 

Many tech experts have proclaimed Freemake to be the best audio converter on the internet right now. However, to justify that decision, we will use most of its features and see how well they help in audio conversion. 

How To Use Freemake Audio Converter

You can download the .exe file of Freemake from its official website. Just search for Freemake in Google, and its website will be the first link you see. Enter the site, and click on download. You can download this application on your smartphone, both Android and iPhone. 

If you downloaded this file on your computer, you need to install the .exe file. This will be in your Downloads folder on My Computer. After finding that file, please open it and follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing it. This will only take a couple of minutes. 

Features Of Freemake Audio Converter

Features Of Freemake Audio Converter

Now let’s talk about the main focus of this article and find out the main features of this mp3 converter. After we downloaded Freemake and installed it on our computer, we opened it to see how everything works.

1. UI

The UI of this application was elegant and clean. No unnecessary graphics and options were crowding the screen, making its use very intuitive. For example, we saw options to select audio files from our folders and even paste links to online videos on the home screen.

We found the option to drag and drop files straight from the desktop or any other folder a nifty feature. This made selecting files fast and smooth. We liked these small UI design decisions that helped make this application easy to use for anyone with a computer. 

You can also convert files in batches, meaning you can queue many files together for conversion. Therefore, this takes time but will save you the hassle of manually doing each file one at a time.

2. Supported Formats

Supported Formats

Freemake Audio Converter allows you to convert music or any audio file into another format. This application can convert audio into more than 50+ audio formats. This includes conversion to AAC, M4A, FLAC, WMA, WAV, Lossless, and many more. We were happy to see so many supported file formats in a free audio converter. 

3. Editing Audio Files

Freemake gives you the in-app option to edit any audio file before converting them or after. You can trim audio files, merge them to create longer playbacks, and even edit the bitrate and sample rates when it comes to editing. Therefore, you can turn a low-quality audio file into a high-quality one and vice versa. 

4. File Saving Options

File Saving Options

Freemake allows you to save the converted audio files into many places. This means that apart from your hard disk, you can save the audio file in your Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox. This lets you immediately share files amongst many users. 

5. Smartphone Applications

Freemake is highly accessible by all users because it is also available on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, if you are an Android and iPhone user, be cheerful knowing that you can avail all features of this application from your smartphone, wherever they are. 

Advantages Of Freemake Audio Converter

Advantages Of Freemake Audio Converter

1. Intuitive UI

The UI of this application is straightforward to use due to its neat and clean design. This makes life easier for professionals who use this application regularly. Editors will be happy to use this application because it makes their work easier to manage all at once.

2. 50+ Supported Formats

We were surprised to see more than 50 audio file formats supported by Freemake. This made this application a must recommend for people who require it to convert any audio file they want into another format. Again, the support of lossless conversion is a great advantage.  

3. Nifty Features

Along with audio conversion to 50 different formats, the other features of Freemake, like editing audio files and batch conversions, are a welcome addition. These features are mostly not found in other free audio converters. The ability to edit and trim audio files makes selecting a portion of your favorite song. It makes your smartphone ringtone better than ever before.

4. Pricing

The best advantage of the Freemake audio converter is that it is free of cost, with no hidden charges or even premium versions to pay for. This is great because it provides a ton of features for no cost – something that many other free and premium audio converters fail to do.  

Disadvantages Of Freemake Audio Converter

Disadvantages Of Freemake Audio Converter

1. Cannot Download Videos

Unlike many other free audio converters, you cannot download the video file from a link. This prevents you from downloading videos from youtube or any other social media site like Facebook or Instagram. You can only download the audio from such links. 

2. No Premium Plans For Extra Features

While this might not be a bummer for many users, professionals requiring more features from one audio converter will be displeased. You cannot upgrade to a premium version to access extra features. This might be a downside for some professionals, but not to us when we use it. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Freemake Audio Converter Free?

Freemake audio converter is completely free to download and install for all users. It is also free for all devices, including computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Q2. Which Is The Best Free Audio Converter?

Freemake is one of the best audio converters that you can download from the internet right now. Not only does Freemake allow you to download youtube videos in high quality, but it also converts them into high-quality mp3 files.

Q3. What Is The Best Mp3 Converter Free?

If you are looking for the best free mp3 converter on the internet right now, then Freemake is one of the best choices available to you right now.

Q4. How Can I Convert Music Into Audio?

Freemake is the best audio converter that you are looking for. In other words, it allows you to convert any music into the audio format you want by just copy-pasting the link in the application.


Freemake audio converter is hands down one of the best free audio converters available on the internet right now. Its ability to convert audio files into 50+ formats and batch download them is an excellent feature from a free mp3 converter. 

Its ability to trim videos will be super helpful for music producers and many professionals. Therefore, we highly recommend using Freemake for audio conversion. If you liked this review, please give it a thumbs up and check out our other reviews!

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