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We face various workplace situations where we need to send a file in another format different from its original version. Therefore this requires the help of a file converter that converts the file for you. With its service, you can convert files from one format to another.

But do you know which file converter to use? Unfortunately, the internet has hundreds of such converters, most of them being malware-infested. 

Therefore, we recommend you use Convertio for such tasks. Here, you will learn about some of its features and understand why we recommend it.

What Is Convertio?

Convertio is an online file converter that helps convert your files from one format to another without any difficulty. This converter can be used free of cost, with a premium plan for heavy users who want more features and faster conversion speeds. 

This converter allows you to choose a file from your computer and paste it here to convert it into multiple file formats. This includes converting a .word file into a .pdf file, and even .jpg files to.png. There are hundreds of file formats available, with you being able to choose freely amongst them to convert a file into. 

How To Use Convertio Converter?

This is one of the most accessible file converters that you can use. This easy-to-use converter gets used by millions of people worldwide, with millions of conversions happening every day. 

To start converting a file, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. First, select the file format your file is initially on the website.
  2. Next, drag and drop the files in the converter. 
  3. Next, choose which file format you want your file to get converted into.
  4. Finally, click on start conversion, and voila! You will soon be able to download the converted file. 

After the conversion gets done, you might notice the file still staying in the database of Convertio so that it can be converted into a different format if you want. Therefore, we recommend you delete the file from the converter after using it. 

Features Of Convertio

Features Of Convertio

Convertio m4a to mp3 has many great features, making the website pretty popular. Some of these features are:

1. Convert Files From One Format To Another

The primary feature of than converter lets you convert any file to another file format with just the click of a button. So, for example, with this function, you can convert all your Word files into PDF if you want since your school or office requires it in that format. 

2. Cloud Conversions

All the original files you convert and the converted files get stored in the website’s cloud database. This allows you to retrieve the file if you deleted it by mistake or reuse it for another conversion. 

However, we recommend deleting the files from the cloud storage after converting files. This is because the security and integrity of this cloud storage are questionable. 

3. Custom Settings

Sometimes, there exist multiple options within a file format. For example, videos appear in many qualities, from 144p to 8K UHD. With this converter, you can choose which quality you want a video to get converted to, along with which format you want. This includes mp4, AVI, and many more. 

Therefore, you are given a high degree of customizability during the conversion process. We liked using this feature to convert videos to the exact format we wanted. 

Benefits Of Using Convertio

Benefits Of Using Convertio

After we used this converter for converting many files, we recognized some of its benefits, which we will describe below:

1. Supports More Than 300+ File Formats

The most significant benefit of using Convertio is its ability to support conversions between more than 300+ file formats. Therefore, it can be said that it supports conversion between all file formats. So do not be worried about this website not supporting your required file format. 

2. Fast And Easy To Use

This converter is free to use, and conversions take place very fast. This is because the UI of the website makes it easier for us to drag and drop files to start conversion simply. There are no extra steps necessary, making the process fast and intuitive. 

3. Can Be Used In Multiple Devices

Convertio is a website that allows free file conversions from one format to another. Therefore, You can open this website with your browser on any device. In addition, you can open this website and start converting files even from your smartphones as well. 

Drawbacks Of Using Convertio

Even though Copnvertio is an excellent file converter, some glaring drawbacks might deter people from using this website. These issues include:

1. File Size Limit

One of the most significant drawbacks of using this converter is the file size limit. This website has a file size cap of 100Mb. Therefore, any file that exceeds this limit cannot get converted. This is not present in Convert io. 

Users who want to convert videos from one format to another will feel this limitation because most high-quality videos will be more than 100MB in size. For example, even an introductory 720p video around 15 minutes in length sizes up to almost 150MB. 

2. Requires Strong Internet Connection

Conversion requires a strong internet connection because transforming one file to another format requires the converter to create a copy of your file. This requires significant data usage depending on the size of the file you want to convert. 

After the conversion gets done, you will need to download the converted file, which might be higher than the original file size.

3. Limitations For Free Users

Free users of this converter have many limitations placed on them. For example, we could not simultaneously convert and download more than one file. Also, there was this 100MB file size limit, which could not convert some high-quality 1080p videos into another format. Both these limitations can get uplifted by purchasing the premium version of this converter for $25. 

4. No Application Support

Since this website launches no applications, the website and the conversion will work slow if you have a slower internet connection and even a slower computer. Smartphone users will be better able to realize this slowdown than computer users. The same thing can be said for another converter-Converto. 

It would have been perfect if an application to use instead of the website. However, since this converter has no applications, you can only convert files as long as the internet is active. You cannot do offline file conversions. 

5. Untrustworthy Cloud Database 

Breach of security and privacy is one of the most significant criminal offenses online. When you convert a file using this website, the original and converted files get stored in their cloud database for approximately 10 minutes. We did not like this because the website could potentially leak all the files to anyone on the internet. 

However, we appreciate that this website at least has the option for you to manually download the files from the database after you are done downloading the converted file. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Convertio Free?

It is an entirely free file converter that millions of people use worldwide. It also has extra premium options as well.

Q2. Is Convertio Co A Safe Site?

Convertio Co appears to be a safe site since it contains no advertisement pop-ups and does not ask for cookies. However, its credibility has not yet gotten proven.

Q3. What Is Convertio App?

While it does not come in an application, you can use all its features straight from its webpage by using your browser.

Q4. How Much Is Convertio?

Though most users use the free version of this converter, there exists a premium version that you can afford by paying a one-time charge of $7.99.


Converting your photos, videos, pictures, and documents to another file format is a helpful feature that everyone needs to understand and use. This has been made easy with the help of Convertio, a fast and free online file converter. If you liked the contents of this article and want to read other articles similar to this, then like this page and read our other articles as well!.

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