When Will Google Analytics End A Session By Default?

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Question: When will Google Analytics end a session by default?


  1. After 30 minutes, regardless of user activity on your website.
  2. Once the user opens another browser window.
  3. When a user is inactive on your site for 30 minutes or more or closes a browser window.
  4. At noon every day.

Answer: When a user is inactive on your site for 30 minutes or more or closes a browser window.

Explanation: When Will Google Analytics End A Session By Default?

By default, there are two methods to end a session. They are:

  • The user is inactive for 30 minutes: If the person who entered your website suddenly becomes inactive for more than 30 minutes, Google Analytics automatically ends that session. However, the session will restart again if the user comes back in that 30-minute time frame or after it. If the user comes back in the 30-minute time frame, the session continues.
  • The user leaves the website: If the website visitor leaves your website or closes their browser, Google Analytics will consider the session to be over. If the user reopens their browser and starts their browser again, it will then be counted as a new session.

What Is A Session In Google Analytics?

A Session In Google Analytics

According to session definition, it’s a collection of user interactions with your website that happen over the course of a specific period of time. A single session, for instance, can include a number of website visits, activities, social interactions, and online shopping purchases. It falls under which kinds of hits does Google Analytics track.

A session may be thought of as a container for the user’s activity on your website. Multiple sessions can be started by a single user. These sessions can take place all in one day or spread out over a few days, weeks, or even months. There is a chance to begin a new session as soon as one session concludes.

The Default Session Timeout Duration In Google Analytics Is How Many Minutes?

So when does a default analytics session expire?

This constraint may be altered so that a session can continue for anywhere from a few seconds to several hours. A session, by default, lasts for 30 minutes, after which it expires.

The moment a person, let’s say Mike enters your site, Analytics starts to keep track. If Mike doesn’t communicate with you for 30 minutes, the session is over. However, if Mike interacts with the site (such as through events, social interactions, or new pages), the expiration period resets.

This is the answer to the examination question: the default session timeout duration in Google Analytics is how many minutes?

Tips To Improve Average Session Duration

To improve average session duration of most users that come across your website, you must improve your website. But how will you do so? Here are some great tips for applying right now!

1. Publish High-Quality, Engaging Content

Engaging Content

Interactive content like videos, GIFs, beautiful infographics, formulae, quizzes, and more can assist in lengthening sessions on average since they can hold users’ interest for longer than text. Interactive components like videos keep visitors on websites for at least five minutes. By adding a strong CTA to such material, you may also convince readers to stay on your page longer.

internal linking

When a topic interests a person, they attempt to learn more about it. By incorporating internal connections to relevant content, you may purposefully direct readers to other website pages, prolonging their experience. By making your anchor text intriguing, you may persuade readers to click on the link and explore its contents.

3. Grab Customer Attention With Catchy Titles

Catchy Titles

Clickbait names are widely used by content creators to attract readers. Even if it’s a good idea, when the content conflicts with the title, it typically backfires. Users will quit when they start an activity after reading an interesting title and are subsequently met with utterly unrelated information. A high bounce rate and brief session duration are the results. Use appropriate names and keep your word to your users.

4. Make The Website UI And UX Responsive

Users’ ability to focus is significantly impacted by a crowded interface. They quit the website as a result of this. Even if the website is intriguing, excessive images, adverts, pop-ups, and challenging navigation, will make the visitor leave the website.

5. Use Linked-Images To Make Your Website Visually Appealing


Making graphic links that direct readers to different pages when they click on them is great for extending user sessions. They can find additional information here. Additionally, if the picture link is related to the products or services offered by your business, it may increase sales.

Reviews on Google Analytics  

Here are some reviews given by users of Google Analytics.

  1. sandro merkvilishvili who is the head of the e-commerce department, says, “In my organization, which is a grocery e-commerce company, we use Google Analytics to gain insights into our website traffic and customer behavior. The product addresses several business problems such as measuring website traffic and conversion rates, identifying where our customers are coming from, and which pages on our website are most popular…..We use it to track key metrics such as page views, unique visitors, time on site, and the sources of our traffic such as search engines, direct visits, and referral sites. This information helps us to optimise our website for better user experience and conversions…We also use Google Analytics to set up and track goals, such as tracking sign-ups or purchases, to measure the success of our marketing and sales efforts….Overall, Google Analytics has proven to be a valuable tool for us in understanding the success of our website and e-commerce efforts and helps us to make data-driven decisions to improve our business.”
  2. Rachna Verma, Assistant Director of Business Operation at Sunacademy says, “Google Analytics helps us to make decisions about what marketing campaigns are working for our website like organic or paid ads. It helps us to find which traffic source is working well for us and where we need to optimise our pages as per user query. Moreover Google Analytics helps us to give quick goal conversions.”

She added, “Before using Google Analytics we were unable to find the source of leads, but now we can now find the source of forms to fill on our website, click on CTA, which is helpful.”

  1. An Employee at Food Production Company in Marketing Division says, “Google Analytics is used to track the success of our company websites. It’s easy to use and filled with data to help you better understand your audience/customers. However, it is pretty general demographic data which makes it hard to really understand user experience/how the consumer navigates the website pages. We really enjoy the real-time traffic data!”
  2. Another Verified User working at Health, fitness and Wellness Company says, “Google Analytics gives us real-time data where we need and allows us to quickly pick up on search trends, purchase behaviour, and more…Google Analytics is good for any size business but may fall short if you’re looking for super-detailed information. The reports and data can be helpful, but at times are lacking for our needs.”

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Website analysts have asked various questions regarding when will google analytics end a session by default. Their answers are:

Q1. What Ends A Session In Google Analytics?

Ans: In Google Analytics, when users become inactive for 30 minutes or when they leave the website, the session gets terminated.

Q2. Do Sessions Last Longer Than Cookies?

Ans: No. This is because sessions are recorded on the server, while cookies are stored on the browsers. Therefore, becoming inactive or leaving a website ends sessions. On the other hand, cookies stay as long as the browser is open.

Q3. Can Sessions Work Wihtout Cookies?

Ans: Cookies are a substitute for the HTTP POST technique for preserving the session state. The HTTP POST technique has the advantage of functioning even when cookies are not accessible while still providing the same state information as a cookie would.


Do you now know the answer to when will google analytics end a session by default? 

By default, it’s set at 30 minutes of user inactivity. Another clause here is that if the user leaves the website or closes their browser, the session will be terminated as well.

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