10 Best Tips For Editing Video For Beginners

Editing Video

You can film a short movie quickly, but then comes the tricky part—the post-processing stage. This step requires a significant amount of both creative and technical knowledge.

Study the blog for a few helpful tips, hacks, and techniques especially collected for beginners in the video editing field.

1. Look For The Best Video Editing Software

1. Look For The Best Video Editing Software

You will find plenty of video editor software online these days. Some are available for free, while others require a fee for processing the editing of the video.

It would help if you were a little particular with the software you opt for—to use the best features and editing tools. The best video editing software must be first-rate in all the following categories:

  1. Templates And Auto Mode: It will help you make quick videos in specific styles.
  2. Tutorials For Your Assistance: It will assist you in learning the features of the software.
  3. Video Format Support: It is required for converting the video file into another format.
  4. Track The Moving Object: The editor must follow the object in motion and use a motion facility to move another object.
  5. Use the Green Screen Effect: The editor must help you add animated graphics and texts to the video.
  6. Quick Video Rendering: The editor must have a quick video rendering system to help you save time and effort.
  7. Music And Effects: These requirements are crucial for enhancing the sound effects and lighting of the video.
  8. Customer Support System: It enables you to resolve all the problems you may encounter while editing a video.

The more the features, the better the editing software. Keep in mind that your goal is to have an efficient and smooth editing process.

2. Make Use Of The Video Editing Tutorials Online

Video editing is a lifelong process of learning. Professional video editors use a variety of techniques to edit their videos. On YouTube and other platforms, you may find some well-known editors sharing their expertise.

Please take advantage of their free tutorials to discover video and sound effects tactics that will help you improve your content quality.

3. Use Colour Corrector For Each Clip

3. Use Colour Corrector For Each Clip

Colour correction brings out crucial elements of your video and protects it from being obscured by too bright or too dark colors.

In addition, color correction can help you set the mood of your film and boost details. Vivid colors, for example, are associated with happiness. Sad videos, on the other hand, work well with deeper tones.

4. Choose The Most Apt Background Music

Sound effects and music enhance the viewers’ visual experience. It’s the most effective approach to convey how they should feel about a particular scene or image.

A joyful mood, for example, requires an upbeat tone. So, to communicate the perfect message to your viewers, use an appropriate sound for your video.

If you wish to use background music with a voice-over, you must stay cautious. It would be best if you keep a balance between both so that neither one overpowers the other.

This will ensure that your audience understands the dialogue despite the background music.

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5. Add Some Pleasing Graphics Or Text

When it comes to adding text and images to a video, there are several guidelines that one must follow. First, they can’t just be typed just anywhere.

The elements should be well-balanced and not overpower one another. If you’re going to add text or images, be sure they don’t get in the way of the video. Find a place where you can put them. You can also use complimentary text colors.

6. Tell A Great Story In Your Video

Video editing is more than just putting together a coordinated collection of video clips. To establish a relationship with your audience, you must give them a narrative. The storyline of a good narrative should comprise a beginning, increasing action, climax, declining action, and resolution.

You may apply different effects to each narrative portion to make it more interesting.

For example, you can use dramatic background music to capture the audience’s emotions during the conclusion of a tragic video. In addition, you may view full-length films to get a sense of how they interact with their audience.

7. Backup Your Editing Work

The first rule of the online video editing process is always to save your work and have a backup of everything if anything goes wrong. Make it a practice to save your work every time you change.

In the worst-case situation, your laptop may malfunction, so it is best to save your work to a backup hard drive or flash drive to prevent having to start again. You may also download the MP4 version of your YouTube videos as a backup.

8. Use Keyboard Shortcuts For Quick Work

8. Use Keyboard Shortcuts For Quick Work

You may minimize your editing time by using keyboard shortcuts. Instead of hunting for a tool or an activation key, you can use the keyboard for making modifications. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Zoom To Sequence: \
  2. Zoom In: Z
  3. Zoom Out: Shift + Z
  4. Reverse Play: J
  5. Pause: K
  6. Play Or Speed Up: L
  7. Expand Tracks: Ctrl + =
  8. Minimize Tracks: Ctrl + –
  9. Go To Previous Edit Point: A
  10. Go To Next Edit Point: S

There are many such keyboard shortcuts that you may learn along the working process.

9. Use A Device With Big Storage Space

A digital video contains a significant quantity of data. For example, a high-definition video typically contains 60 frames per second, with each frame containing around one million pixels. Each pixel comprises three numbers: red, green, and blue.

It can require up to 180 MB of space for each second of video. So, for every 60 frames in a second of video, you’ll need 180,000,000. As a result, you’ll need to update your computer or laptop’s storage to accommodate additional video clips and edited films.

10. Learn About The Copyright Formalities For Certain Songs, Videos, Or Photos

10. Learn About The Copyright Formalities For Certain Songs, Videos, Or Photos

Check to see whether you may use a song, photo, or video from the internet or other people for free. If you don’t, you may risk being charged with copyright infringement.

The platform on which you’ve posted your edit may remove your video. You may also be banned from uploading any further videos.

Final Words

Being a video editor is not a daily skill that can be learned. However, you’ll learn many tips and tricks after observing lessons and going through software that may help you have a fast and seamless editing experience. We hope you find these video editing techniques for beginners helpful.

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